Breaking some stereotypes in fashion

Some stereotypes have been entrenched so deeply in fashion that even some changes couldn’t help them to break and come out from that name, but some serious thought process over the time honored stereotypes made them look out for a new life and here are some of them to discover!

1. Button back top

Right from the crooner Taylor Swift to a girl next door, every girl is excited to upside down the play of wearing top with a distinct feature of button back top and this is one crazy idea in showing your back more enticing and stylish. While comfort is all the way through, the lined up buttons in contrast color to the fabric keeps the look clear and fantastic enough.



2. Drop shoulder saree blouses

Though there is no gauge to calculate how powerful are the blouses, it’s evident they are celebrating success through overshadowing six yards of saree. They are taking pride in making the total look endearing and no matter how many changes they had been into, the outcome of drop shoulders have totally broke the stereotypes planted in the blouses history with their extremely fine finishing appearance. They are apparently on the way to take you to the royal affair with their radical property of looking conservatively elegant with a mega point of looking aesthetic and charming. However, some skin show is what accentuates the total look.



3. Saree draping styles

Brushing out the attributes of quaint in a professional way and replenishing the power and grace through modern sensibilities turned out sarees a sought after costume in the wardrobe. Even draping in an old way has been reached to the dustbin of time and a flow of new accents on sarees has totally changed the way we look at them.

A sleek or heavy belt taming a saree with style, a sporty crop top playing against an ordinary blouse with loud élan, a pair of pants showcasing grace underneath saree or a jacket that’s bound to give warm British look are all the new incarnations of the age old saree to buoy in the modern period without a flinch.


4. Co-ordinated jackets with shorts

Jackets – They might have confined their existence to the season of winter or joined out for look enhancement section when walking down to business meetings. But who thought they’ll sum up with everyday staples of fashion by pairing up with shorts? Alongside the comfort, it’s all about chic and fashion-forward statement they are meant for. Make sure your accessories noise less and your footwear more for the effortless style definition.




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