Live in the stripes season that never goes down

Stripes, some people may feel bored but the fashion world never, where as the runways are inviting people to get immersed in the stripes joy that never ends up by dragging lines more far from the basic tenets, now stripes are in tees, dresses, trousers, pant-suits and what not. Look your surrounding once; you may see atleast one person is comely with the stripes. Hugely helping fashionistas who can’t breathe without white and black colors in their life, stripes adds a charm with its permeated qualities of eternal trending tag, season-less grandeur and stylish looks.

As stripes have become staple in everyone’s wardrobe, designers’ concentration also has been doubled in creating the new stories with black, white and many other colors while keeping the classy factor without a miss.

Christian Dior collection
Here is some black and white magic spread out by Christian Dior collection.


dior1 dior3
Pure elegance embraced with the edge of ruling cuts talks about Dior stripes.
Marc Jacobs Collection
Your inner fashionista can’t get enough but craving for more stripes with the wrap of uniqueness? Then Marc Jacobs can satiate your thirst.



The throughput of clever, classic and creative is the epitome of Marc Jacobs collection. Intensely authentic and breath taking inspirations.

Dolce&Gabbana Collection
Dolce&Gabbana stripes are so welcoming as they are refreshing with new bright colors.


dolce3 dolce4

Moschino Collection
The dose of cuteness got piled up with the flowy and flowery stripes from Moschino. These stripes don’t just add cozy but complete transformation is possible enough.


mos2 mos1

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Celeb style of wearing skirts

If you’re in the department of the people who never found an inch of love decreasing towards skirts then the below list is to please your obsession for skirts. Check out the skirts donned by celebs, get a scoop of style inspiration and find a right fix for the doubts encountering in your brain regarding skirts and what really teams up with them better.

Celeb style of wearing skirts

Knee length skirt
There is no denying that simple is the best policy for many celebs, proving that, cute Selena Gomez spotted wearing a crop top with a pleated skirt. Get this Topshop skirt and reprise your melody for style in simplicity.


Long length floral skirts
Flower strewn floral skirts got a big welcome from celebs. Kareena Kapoor to Tamanna Bhatia, many celebs rocked the flower flowing skirts in an aesthetic way with a perfect top.


Multitone skirt
Who don’t like this multiple colors filled skirt that has a diverse range of print and freshness. Adding the delight the white puffy full hands shirt desperately helped in turning the look so good.

skir1 skir3

Printed skirt
With the fantasy sprinkled designer skirts, Alia Bhatt showed her super intense interest towards skirts. Long length, knee and in other different lengths and breadths the two states beauty is sparking the skirts fashion.


Pencil Skirts
Pencil skirts are rather in the play when official looks are the target. They are straight fitted and draw good results from any verdict.

skir6 skir5

The white solution
Begin the beats of heat with white!
If you have had wasted hours in matching a top that gives absolutely an elite look when teamed up with a skirt then white shirt is all you can look for. Irrespective of the fabric, length and type of a skirt, white shirt works magic and undoubtedly makes a tasteful fashionista.


Men too 
It seems even men can’t resist themselves from wearing the roomy style. Renowned singer Kanye West in love with fashion tried Givenchy skirt at a concert and it is certainly a unique look from the rapper. Also joining the list of men who wore skirt are Marc Jacobs, Ewan McGregor, Gerard Butler, Jared Leto, Diddy, Vin Diesel and more.




Image Source: http://www.vogue.com/