Fashion things straight out from the wardrobe of ‘OLD’

Craze of fashion never turns old and so the fashion too. Some old fashion things that dwell in a period for deportation have stepped into a flash of come back with nod from major fashion heads of the industry. We love having them back. Give a look at the below list of fashion things that are gaining steady momentum.

Scarves stand as a perfect example for the royal come back from the wardrobe of past. Added aesthetic for heads as a head band and as a wrap over, they entertained for a great period of time. Without a doubt, they are a part of now-a-days fashion kit.

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Palazzo Pants
The wide legged trousers which stirred a vibe of new fashion during 1960’s and 1970’s, Palazzo pants popped out in the road of fashion again with the love from people who like putting legs in roomy attire that gives a high level of confidence and comfort.

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Peasant Tops
The endless spree of playing with fashion welcomed Peasant Tops back with a touch of royalty and grandness. The most often appearing peasant tops are emulating some grand pieces that are structured with style and a benefit to wear to any occasion.

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Wrapping relief to people across the world since 1960, Overalls falls in the main sheet of fashion needs during 1990 and today the fantasy of wearing overalls crawled to the point of owning a piece of ensemble that has qualities of better durability and comfort. They are much trending today with variation in the use of material and the type of stitch. Apart from denim, overalls now come in wool and leather.


The lace-less shoe packed with a combination of style and convenience, loafers are a treat for fashion enthusiasts who tend to show their ankle. It has been in the fashion and reigning since decades back with changes taking place with respective to need and evolving trends. Loafers have a separate sole and come in multi-tone.


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Style This Season Of Fashion With These 6 Keys

Seeking a better way to stylize this season of fashion then go get doused with fashion keys to pump up yourself in charm.

1. Color Yourself with Kalamkari Vests 

Looking great with simple attire is what most of the girls desire for and a simple yet chic look is guaranteed if you’re not so far from this Kalamkari Vest. Wear it on a very casual shirt and watch the translated colorful look of yours.


2. Cover it up with Cardigans

Born in the family of sweaters, knitted garment cardigan is a way to wake up the vibe of fashion in you. Descended with buttons and turned modern with button-less open sleeves these cardigans are now one of the most ‘IN’ thing and can be summed with either western or ethnic wear.


3. Flip ‘Flops’ for a Hit Look

Traveled on the sands of beaches and worked on all casual situations, flip flops are now directed their way to streets in a stylish way. On a pair of trousers they look trendy and can derive the roots of how to be simple though.


4. Leggings with a Little Pull up

You’re closet might have filled up with lots of old leggings but do you know how to bring a new flavor from them? Pull them a little up and keep some distance with your footwear, tada! now it’s great!



5. Swing it More

Despite the character Jessie from the film Ye Maya Chesave promoted the rage for leather sling bags, quite popular these days are subtle looking colorful swing bags. Wear and swirl in a stylish way with these sling bags collection. The smaller it is, the more stylish you can be.


6. Go Graceful with Lace-less Loafers

Making comfort as its companion loafers are reigning the rack of shoes then and now. Though they come without lace sure helps us walk with grace. They are friendly on shorts and mini/maxi skirts.


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