Interview with Fashion Designer Divya Reddy

Getting carried away by her passion to launch heart stealing creations that are powerful enough in evoking relentless dreams in bride’s mind, Divya Reddy’s flip side life is filled up with an emotion to strive for the progress of the handloom weavers. Her collection is almost all about handlooms and the designs are the classic reminders of the rich Indian heritage. What else she love apart from handlooms? there is a lot we’ve curated about this young designer. Have a look!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

Fashion designing is more of a thing that happened to me next after reaching to USA to do my MBA. I was smitten by the education system and the fashion courses offered by New York city propelled me to jump start a career in fashion designing and then I was graduated from The Illinois Institute of Art and New york fashion institute. Later interned with Christian Dior and returned back to India and set up my own label. Though it was western designing I learnt, I switched to the line of designing purely aesthetic Indian wear by applying knowledge I garnered.

2. Share something about your background…

My mother works at crafts council and is an active social worker works for weavers who are not exposed to cities. She brings their stuff and sells for cost-to-cost inorder to help them out. Having come across these aspects, I told myself that I need to support those people who are helping in not letting the art of handlooms die. When you see my creations, 85% of them are handlooms and only 15% wanders out of the handmade clothing.

3. Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration lies in the desire of my clientele. Their narration, what they are looking for and how they want to illuminate themselves on their big day with the attire all makes a radical construction of a design and what I do is map all those points precisely and bring their story out through my creations. Also, we access what people like, love and what not enticing them and those that received immense response from people will turn up next time in the ramp, leaving everything behind.

4. What advice do you have for people wanting to switch careers but not sure where to start? 

People with love for their passion ever need to get any tips from the experts as once they dive into their favourite field, their creative juices flow and they start to learn things by themselves. I myself is not a fashion student or a fashion pro, I’m from the business marketing and finance background but landed on to designing with some dire effort and passion towards what I do put me today before you all.

5. Describe your design process from mood boards to procuring fabrics to production.

My designing process don’t flow in a well versed method what all the versatile designers follow. Indeed it’s a complete reverse process. I know I’m more productive at nights and when I’m under pressure. I never know when a design hits my mind and so there is always a pen and paper next to me even while am sleeping and I suddenly wake up and draw my mind on the paper. There after the flow goes on with giving materials to workers to marking, embroidering, stitching, quality check and to photoshoots and to store.

6. How do you poise the aspects functional and style equally?

In most of the cases, what happens is when the attire is functional it may lacks its style and the condition may go in contrast also. To overcome this challenge and balance both functionality and style equally we do customize the attire and turns it wearable. For instance, people like to deck up themselves in the runway collection what they see but in practical it’s not possible to carry them easily and so for the same designs we take away additional frills out and commercialize accordingly.


7. Tell us your experience working with Shilpa Shetty

When I went down to the memory lane of working with Shilpa Shetty, what instantly hits my mind is her way of support. I had no experience in Lakme Fashion Week when I approached Shilpa and was participating for the first time. Saying no to a debutante is not that tough to a star like Shilpa Shetty but she was not, she accepted to walk in my creations and she was my show stopper. “I like Divya’s collection and am going to walk for her, no matter whether she is a prominent designer or not”, this is what Shilpa replied to people those who felt there is no point in walking for a budding fashion designer.

8. What has been your biggest professional success?

If a brand is burgeoning, in the market encompassing intense competition, it is mainly because of two strong energies – workers behind the creations and clients who are wearing those creations and when these two main forces are actively co-coordinating with us and pushing us forefront with their increasing number, it marks my success. Also, Divya Reddy brand employs over 300 workers from various regions and is still counting, which I think is a perfect success that I can enjoy greatly.

9. What are the happening fashion trends in the Hyderabad city?

People living in the Hyderabad city are blessed as our city gives such a flexible climate conditions that we don’t need to follow any norms to wear ensembles according to the season. On the other hand, we have a lot of designers who are introducing their latest creations in a timely manner and so, our city has the luck to wear anything irrespective of being tangled up in the trends meter.

10. How do you balance your professional and personal life?

I’ve a two and half year old totally understanding and matured child Aran with whom am totally able to balance my personal and professional life. I make sure 15 hours of my day is planned with work and atleast 2 hours with my child as he’s my biggest stress-buster and I feel like my day is totally refreshing with him.

11. How Divya Reddy bride is different from other designers’ bride?

A Divya Bride is all smiles and looks happy in the attire she is and has a sense of satisfaction for getting what she always dreamt of having for her big day. It’s about satisfaction and happiness I look for in a bride but not money they pay me.







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