Thinking about capes? Think about Ridhi Mehra

If there is a list framed out from designers with strong love for vintage color palette, Ridhi Mehra straight away tops the list as this Delhi based designer knows how to make the underrated colors charm with her flouncy style, intricate embroidery and romantic cuts.
Her state of designing pays homage to Indian crafts and heritage though the influences of European and Parisian culture adds a unique style statement to the garment and woos ladies desperately. On the list of celebs who were smitten by her collection and joined are Samatha, Kajal Agarwal and Ileana to name a few. But do you know what’s that one attribute all these celebs are  loving from Ridhi Mehra’s collection? It’s capes! The young designer whet her experiments and is successful in carving capes across a wide variety of garments.
Be it cape shirt, cape lehenga, demi-cape blouse, demi-cape jumpsuit or
cape top with crop top & pants, the royal aesthetic can be seen in every cape creation. Alongside the clean roomy look, capes are popular for their flowy structure and wavy moves. On a mood to flounce?

It is not that easy to have that lazy look

While time has the capability to lean you towards laziness, weekend act as pillar in constructing it to a point of infinity and have you ever wondered looking beautiful in that done-nothing look? If you were so, here are some non-conservative ways and basic essentials to create that intentional lazy brightness in any day.

Idea 1
Basic tees are imperative in curating casual yet lazy looks, look out for a no drama filled tee or an over-sized one and complement it with the never thought to pair up legging or jegging. Alongside, include flip flops and create a messy bun with your hair to cement your lazy look.




Idea 2
Pick up a rolled up shoulder shirt and team it up with a pair of ripped off jeans. Add tassel belt and messy ponytail to complete the look.





Idea 3
One shoulder tees and tops totally pertains to the family of lazy look, so keep scouting for a one shoulder tee and pair it with a skirt and casual shoes. Free flowing hair or cool ponytail can help your look stand out.

Idea 4
The finest among the lazy look is here; Mix and match a one shoulder or an over-sized outfit with a pair of colorful shots. Easily this look gives you that fine lazy appearance.


Idea 5
Long back and short front tees are cool enough in creating a lazy day look. Go for it and pair it up with shorts or 3/4th contrast color trouser. If you choose a dress of this kind instead of a tee, forget about trousers.




New trends to bring to your wardrobe right away

Trends don’t have a defined time. They stay for some time and helps the new ones to pop up. If you’ve tired enough to wear that same old styles, here is a pack comprising of three latest trends to own.

Jumpsuit sarees
There is no need to redefine how different jumpsuits and sarees are. Though each has claimed its popularity in their own game of western and traditional attire, the way people treat them is reminiscent to treating opposite genders. To keep a longtime full-stop, designers have stepped into the next phase of fashion where jumpsuit saree has been manifested with the infusion of style and comfort from jumpsuit, class and tradition from saree.


Churidaar skirt
Defying the conventional three piece chudidaar suit, this whole new churidaar skirt highlights the new member of the family, skirt. With ease, this one lets you weigh another piece of style with a mantra to bare some mid-riff. Stirring buzz in florals, multi-colors and pastel hues, churidaar skirt is the trend to try now to be like that perfect swag girl.

tren3 tren2tren1

Crop top-lehenga
Crop top-lehenga has to be taken in the account of recent success trends as this look not only seen put the ramp on the fire but known for the illusion it brings to any festive season or house warming function. Put on a simple crop top and add your age old lehenga, that’s it! you have got a promising diva look. Despite lengthy florals are reigning in the lane of crop top lehenga’s, classical kanchivarams and raw silks are also worthy trying to stand out from the circle of usual.



Let’s talk about sleeves

There might be millions of ideas that can save a dress from not joining the department of old fashioned and if you’ve tried enough of the possible ways to keep the dress trending yet classy but failed to refrain it from moving out of your radar? then following the sleeves theory may help your dress stay alive for a good time.

According to the theory of sleeves, sleeves of many kinds may manifest in the future based on the trends and comfort but what kind of sleeves work on what matters the most as sleeves can either make or break your total look. So choose your sleeves cleverly and here are some trending sleeve types ready to join your wish list to give you that additional moment of attention from the world.

Flared sleeves are truly taking the most fashionable places like red carpets and launches these days for the blooming out and voluminous sleeve look it delivers.
Look how Deepika Padukone has wrapped it and made the look way more stylish and unique. Alongside check her bell sleeves too in the pic2.




In no time Roll up sleeves have got immense craze from people of different walks of life, everyone here and there are flaunting their roll up sleeves which has likely become a proud element of the attire.



Royalty is towards your way and lot closer to you with the leg of mutton sleeve patterns that were born with the efficiency of showing any attire classically chic and distinct.




Irrespective of the generations and trends, puff sleeves always tops the list of cuteness pouring sleeves and have you ever wondered how a simple puff sleeved blouse could able to change the entire game of your fashion?




Do you know what the best part of Raglan sleeves is? they give the dress a complete official look but take no credits. They are simple, subtle and trendy.





Why the fashion brand ‘Quench’ is under our radar?


If you are in the quest to quench your thirst for fashion which is an amalgamation of contemporary chic and ethnic essence, then Quench is your perfect destination to heal all those past wounds of fashion where you couldn’t have a better way to show you up brighter and bigger.

The label calls all the contemporary women around the world to feel the fearless version of them with the confidence boosting attire that is handmade with nurture and passion. Divided love into two compartments for the fashion fanatics as ‘The Grey Matter’ and ‘The Abandoned Garden’, Quench is your new wardrobe friend to ignite your crush on eternal classic collection. While ‘The Grey Matter’ of the brand propels you to look official yet casual, the florals and amazing silhouettes from ‘The Abandoned Garden’ is reminiscent of the beautiful holidays of a lifetime.

Whatever you choose from the collection, every pick weighs the common factors scintillating simplicity, classical ethnicity and subtle glow without having the nook of flowing oil on the dress that flaunts copious shine. In addition to it, the grandness is always carried away by the brand with its all time functional floral prints, summer comfying handlooms and breezy textures.

….and hence it’s the time for LoveQuench.














Img credits: Quench


Never forget to mix the color red with these colors

From the sunshine overcoming brightness to the darkness killing quality, the color blood red has all the vital qualities a fashion fanatic looks for. It has the shine. It has the power. Despite it’s a world renowned fact that nothing stands as a competition for this tough color and there can’t be anything that is so fierce like it, the vibes of chillness is guaranteed when it’s get complemented with the refreshing tones of yellow and white. However, there are certain colors that are ready to accentuate them by melting in the hotness of the red and we may get a thought that their birth would have took place just to pair up with it. Can’t able to wait more for the companion colors? Let’s dive into them….

The soft and sexy peach, the bold and convincing grey, the realistic and homely indigo blue and the darkest of all, black are the four easy colors partaking the joy of being paired up with the color red.

Add a simple solid peach tank to a pair of red trousers or jeans to turn up yourself refreshing and exciting. This color combination is also seen making a heavy buzz at the bridal and wedding occasions.

new1  new2


What else works great than red for the sharp color grey? Try complementing a full length grey kurti with red leggings or suitable trousers for that edgy look.




The electrifying look is all set when the darkest of all colors meets the brightest of the all.



Indigo blue topped the list of hot favourite colors these days with its intense formula of being simple and looking royal and when such a color teams up with red, the look will be flawless, right!





How to keep up with style while without brawling with summer sun

While the sun rays are hitting sharply all over the body, it’s hard to be inside the attire that is prone to evoke erratic emotions. We can’t be in such a dress that’s irritating throughout despite it’s ultra chic. But at the same time, we can’t ditch our love to get rolled in to fashion weaves! To hitch-hike the problem of poising both fashion and comfort, we’ve got something amazing for you today that will don’t let you accuse sun for not letting you wear trendy clothes. In addition, it feels pleasant to have summer that stands as a behind reason to try something energetic and cool.


The color white is perfect and the breathable material like cotton is super working for any sunny day. Check out Kangana Ranaut’s crisp maxi dress that it totally worth trying this summer to look cool.


Learn the art of fixing style from Deepika Padukone who can tame any season with the style tricks she has under her sleeves. Pair up a shirt with legs beauty showing shorts and add a blazer to it to complete your summer stylish look.


And here is one stunning look to steal from Amy Jackson. Open hair, white crop and short shorts. Work it on for a hang out or a night party. Amy rocked this subtle look while attending a Sun burn festive.


This soul soothing sartorial choice by Jacqueline Fernandez is all enough to strut smart from morning to night. Recline in a theatre seat or chill out with your gal pals, no matter what would be the event, these linen separates comforts you from tip to toe.


If you can’t feel safe without some styling elements in this summer, team up summer jackets crafted from jute, cotton or linens like Shilpa Shetty.

What pleasures more than carrying a feather weight kurta along with paijama or a pair of jeans when you can’t evade from attending an event?


How about trying some baggy pants this summer to let your body feel the highest level of comfort? Need some inspiration? Tuck in like Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor.


Is it your summer resolution to look simple and subtle without any frills? Then Alia Bhatt can help you in advising some summer fashion looks. Here is another one. Go on totally simple but care about atleast one particular element to be stylish. In this picture, Alia’s shoes took the accountability and helped the look from derailing from the track of fashion.

Image Source: http://fashiontrends7.blogspot.in/