Sheer is the new staple your wardrobe needs this season

If world is a canvas then wearing magic is an art one can introduce to their lives with the attire made out in sheer. These illusion infused sheer fabrics help in flaunting the skin partially while simultaneously pours the entire glow on face. While the glam quotient can be lifted highly with the ethereal details and prints on this sensitive fabric, the uniqueness takes an edge based on how sheer is blended with other opaque fabrics and its use in right proportions.

Some consider sheer as a risk to own in a beautiful way whereas some mark it as a hassle factor as it is also known for holding the popular past of many outrageous and disastrous moments from the celebrity look list and for those whose instinctive fear takes over their fun to give it a try there are some super tricks under our sleeves to take the transparent trend a way far from the risk.
Add sheer sleeves
Teaming sheer sleeves to dresses or tops is one of the optimal ways to bring on the beauty of transparent trend.

Intricate embroidery over sheer
Heavy designs of embroidery on ethnic wear breezes style in to tradition. Choose plunging neckline or rear side of the attire to fill in with the artistry of embroidery over the sheer.


Combining sheer with opaque
People with shy have got a brilliant way to show their sheer love and it is through adding the sheer to the contrast opaque.


To flaunt those amazing curves
What’s perfect than sheer to show off your curves? In a decent yet seductive way, sheer flaunts your skin while keeping the look aesthetically unique.



Fancy about suits? Here is a perfect treat – Tuxedo jacket dress

Women who have been in deep love with the androgynous looks satiating their desires partially or completely with their kinda experimenting with jeans and boy friend tees and the suit mania has also been taken to granted for ladies with some serious goals of looking bossy and hence paved the desire path are pant suits and tuxedos but we couldn’t able to get enough of the suit styles and the obsession lead to a classic call for Tuxedo jacket dresses.

Leaving cocktail dresses, LBDs and evening gowns behind, Tuxedo jacket dresses surpassed the old regime of wearing more known clothes with it’s unique and utterly chic look. The warmth and comfort it provides is a radical factor that made it a queen in the suit dresses. Wear them with the playful solid colors like yellow, red and greens or take the plush side of it by wearing in ever classic black or iconic white while monotone being your safe play choice to deal with.

From Hollywood’s chiselled beauty Kim Kardashian to the latest Bollywood sensation Dangal girl Sanya, everyone’s now showing their flattering looks with the plunging neckline bearing refreshing attire.



Donning a black tuxedo jacket dress, Kim Kardasian was all amazing and left everyone gasped with her curves bracing dress.


Sanya Malhotra, the girl who shot to fame with the movie Dangal had left everyone envy of her dressing when she wore a pristine white Tuxedo Jacket dress at a press meet happened in the recent past.


This is one classic number from the Wrecking Ball singer Miley Cyrus wardrobe as she is known for her unusual and quirky outfits.

Here are some pictures for the Tuxedo jacket dress lovers



'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' Madrid Photocall


How to master in wearing faded and pale colors beautifully

As a fashion enthusiast you would tend to try out all the colors that fall in to the season despite the fact that the list is lined up even with some mundane colors. Though you don’t find any hassles in handling your favourite colors as you ever want to let it down, a cluster of things boggle your mind while your heart chooses a pale or a faded color as your mind have a thought that it ain’t easy to handle a color that intuitively don’t spark up the look.

Even if it feels hard on how to bring it to you initially, some superficial tips can get back your confidence on how to pull off the look greatly with pale colors.

Choose your lip color
The brightest source of color when you aim to accentuate your look with your dress is your lips. Make sure to pout lips only with fierce reds and candy pinks when your choice of dress is inked with pale colors like pale blue, green and peaches.


Cannes 2013 - Jeune Jolie Premiere

Bags to grab
To lift up life in the serious case of dull colors, bags have an attention grabbing role. Rather than seeking out for less lively yet thin bags, exclaim for sophisticated and look uplifting bold colored bags to uphold the attire.



Heels to fall for
The power of heel-ing your fear for wearing, an attire that might not help you pop out from the boring lot is relatively significant inorder to keep loving the attire more and more. While the dark colored heels and pumps work phenomenally with their anti colors, how could the pristine white take a back seat when it’s all about pairing with its besties?





What to wear on the New Year party eve?

Are you a party freak and stealer of the show with your looks but confusion still tame your mind about what to wear for the much awaited New Year Party? As doors of the fashion always remain open to get the parties done right, you don’t have to worry, simply count on us if looking great on the New Year eve is on your yearend goals list.

Every Indian party either evidently shows off two fashion groups – While one group prefers to hang in with western wear, the other is always known to stick up to the ethnic side. Whatever the bevy of people you belong to, the revived styles in each category are bound to help you turn up the New Year eve a blast with the prevailing fashions of the season.

For the ethnic people
It’s way more tough for people with ethnic interest to come out from that scale as they are more likely to say no to look into the other side of the coin, western wear and alteast there should be a dash of ethnic grace even if it’s a call from the western period for them. To those, who can’t break their rule but want to make a point to the up to date fashion here is a list.


– Ikkat jackets are known for the comfort they bring along with the fineness in style. Their variation of long jackets can give you a killer look on this New Year eve.


– Raw silk slit kurtas with beneras pencil pants and a play of color blocking on the same note with designer jewellery adds a twist in your regular party route.


– Gown suits taking the internet crazily for the comfort and finish they are great at. A long lacy jacket over the attire pumps up the pleasure of partying in style.


– Shoulder highlighting designs or totally fashion forgotten colors like soft pern green and greys elevate you amongst a big party crowd.

For the western people

Gowns never go out of the fashion nor come back again, they merely gets revived according to the season and trend. So catch up a long gown that boasts the charm on your face.


The craziness that comes out by wearing rompers is hard to explain. They give the cool yet sophisticated look and gives you enough comfort to meet the edge of your party.


If short dresses extinct, remember parties will soon too out of the sight. Pick up a short dress but this time something different to spread your mark of style in the party environment. Go with black but make sure it has something interesting over it like beads or stone work etc.


Sparkle in style with sequin attire

As shimmery lipsticks and eye shadows taking the world of parties for the quick and easy shine they can spill out even at the last moment, they have become an indelible part of every party girl’s life. But how about the women who wants to be belle of the ball wherever she goes by exploiting some extra amount of glitz? Then we cite sequin embellished ensembles to standout from a bevy of beauties.

Besides adding high glamour quotient, sequin clothing adds that instant spark on your face which is rather tough to pull off through any lavish facepack. Above all it is highly recommended on the fashion scale to opt muted sequin dresses over too shimmery dresses to nail the look which apparently helps to avoid looking like a disco ball at parties.

Although age has nothing to do with the ensembles, sequin dresses stick to its rules of being different for different ages. Teenagers are looking for the multi facets of trendy sequin dresses whereas sarees and long frocks have become the choice of grownups.

Teenager’s choice of wearing sequins

From pantsuits to sequin skirts to collar infused professional look evoking blazer dresses, teenagers are on the vogue side when it’s about choosing sequin based attire.






Grownups choice of wearing sequins