Interview With Fashion Designer Ashwini Reddy

Ashwini Reddy, a young fashion designer who has already influenced some grand weddings with her charismatic bridal creations love to carve duds to coveted classical pieces that every girl love to have alteast one. She envisions, imagines and sews creations that are pleasure to incorporate into the special moments to make them much more special.


1. Who/what inspired you to dive into this field?

 Ensembles, fashion, hues altogether fantasized me to think over fashion designing. Indeed the obsession has its roots entrenched in my childhood itself and piled up thoughts on designing and ever-losing interest on innovating something new for people transformed me as a fashion designer who admires British fashion designer, Alexander McQueen.

2. What is fashion in your perspective?

 Fashion has to be something that has its wings open for comfort. Beyond that, designs has to be original as more original a creation it is, the more unique it feels.

3. How do you stay up to date regarding trends?

I follow media to keep myself updated, alongside observing people from various perspectives of what they like and what they want pumps me up to create aesthetic silhouettes  and ethnic wear with a contemporary touch.

4. What would one thing about a design catches your attention?

 I always have an eye for colors and concentrate more on perfect blend. Mid-tones, bright colors, whatever it could be, it is primarily color that draws my attention towards a design.

5. Which skills make a fashion designer successful?

Proper imagination of the design, mixing colors in right proportions and dividing fashion elements according to the preferred design are a few important skills a fashion designer must possess to be successful.

6. Share something about your background 

I’m an engineering graduate stride towards fashion designing with immense love for fashion innovations. I underwent to a course in NIFT followed by getting specialization in fashion designing from Milan, Italy.

7. Where do you see yourself after five years? 

I’m excited to watch people across the world wearing my creations, and to make it happen am working towards expanding my outlets in various countries. So probably after five years you may see me operating couple of stores.

8. What has been your biggest professional success? 

Designing keeping in the mind what customers want and giving life to their thought with my style of design is my biggest professional success.  I design every day, I get applauded by people every day and I deliver the throughput beyond to what a customer want every day, so every day is a successful day for me.

9. What are your greatest strengths?

My family is my biggest strength. They mean a lot to me. Their continuous foster and support made me to live my dream of becoming a fashion designer.

10. Describe a typical day in your life as a fashion designer

I believe in creating what people want so I schedule my half of the day for getting everything that crafts a perfect design – from questing right material to what goes well with it, where as the remaining half day, it’s all fills up with taking care of undergoing sartorial works and designing.

Tips for ThefashionVu readers

  1. Stir up your special day with more glitter by keeping bridal wear simple yet elegant. Don’t make it as a room for confusion, manage things cool and subtle.
  1. If you’re descending to a soiree, prefer to pick darker shades as they add more aesthetic.



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Interview with fashion designer Kavitha Gutta

Adding extensions to Indian tradition with her flair for designing fabrics,
Kavitha Gutta has set herself as a brand every bride love to get decked up in her creations. Her designs are clear, defined and talk on how to look beautiful and chiselled while without leaving art and culture behind. Would like to know more about the ‘Golden Threads’ sewing fashion designer Kavitha Gutta? Let’s take a dive…

1. Who/what inspired you to dive into this field?

Being a mother of two adorable daughters I used to love decking them up like dolls and the habit of creating various designs for them now turned out into a label ‘Golden Threads’ which is satiating the hunger of thousands of women and young girls who inherently love wearing ethnic wear. Like the way I did to my daughters, my mother also used to dress me up so interestingly. I inspired by my mother for her creations and inspired by my daughters who helped me in bringing out designer skills that I have.

2. What is fashion in your perspective?

Making a person look beautiful is the essence of fashion. If a person is donning an attire and if it can able to accentuate her and show her elegance more than what she has then it exemplifies the real meaning of fashion.

3. What is your passion?

Designing and creating something that is clear at cut, design and color is my passion and I keep on working with a variety of designs that aren’t just satisfies me but gives customers higher levels of satisfaction.

4. What would one thing about a design catches your attention?

Perfection in the design, clarity in the work gives me an immense interest towards a particular creation to concentrate on.

5. What has been your biggest professional success?

Everyone has their own style of designing and my designs reflect the art and craft of India. Especially, the introduction of muggu/rangoli on sarees has been an achievement for me as it delighted many customers while helped in reviving the legacy of Indian culture.

6. Which skills make a fashion designer successful?

Filling up the fabric with lot of embroidery work or other designs doesn’t show the picture of clarity and neatness. Design has to be defined, upto the requirement and compelling apart from looking fuzzy, and the output of a clear cut design comes with perfection. So perfection is something every designer must look for and it is a key skill to create an indelible sartorial statement.

7. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Golden Threads has distinguished itself with the refreshing and vibrant creations that can make any bride look stunning and gorgeous in her wedding. In the impending years, I will add more irresistible creations to the repertoire and am envisioning to see myself as a top designer in India after 5 years.

8. Share something about your background

I came from a family where confidence is the main trait everyone do have and it is the same I received in an umpteenth amount that works perfect to face any tough situation in this competitive world.

9. What are your greatest strengths?

Support from my family is always immense. My husband and daughters have been supporting me throughout my journey of life and they are my greatest strengths.

10. Describe a typical day in your life as a fashion designer

Every day of mine is beautiful that never loses its shine with the bright colors from fabrics. I start my day keeping a muggu/rangoli infront of my house, without which my day is incomplete and then it’s all about my companions; vivid colors, variety of materials, oodles of designs and lots of creations. I love being doused by ensembles all day, all time.








Fashion Designer Anushree Reddy

She knows well how to make the pretty pastels shine and florals to flourish with her intuitive panache of giving life for clothes. She is Anushree Reddy, a leading fashion designer hailing from the Pearl City Hyderabad. With her creations displayed at LFW 2013 for the first time, people have got a lady of their dream dressing designer who can handle the fashion in an utter ethnic yet classic way. Many tales of Indian wedding have been outspoken about the elegance brought by the weaves of Anushree and when it’s about receptions, mehandi functions or dynamic events, designs loaded by the ace designer brings atmosphere a cheer that one can cherish forever.

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Fallen in the magic created by Anushree, many were seen out of the world right the moment  they wrapped themselves in the designer wear and celebs are nothing short while considering her sewing stint. Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Shreya Saran, Madhuri Dixit and Adah Sharma to name a few among the list of celebs who created a tough moment to refrain from stop gazing when they strutted in AR creations.


If you’re feeling irresistible to embrace the elegance incorporated with freshness then stumble up on the clothing line all open at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad or let the luxury goods delivered at your door steps by buying online at http://www.jivacouture.com, http://www.kalkifashion.com, http://www.mirraw.com,  http://www.gujaratidresses.com, http://www.coutureyard.com and more.

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pin Anushree Reddy's collection at Ogaan

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