Simple-holic? Pushpak Vimaan will be your next favourite brand


There is a category of people on this world, they are born to a state of being simple. Even the world is making loud noise with the exaggerating sartorial choices, they stay calm as they know how to mute the sound with an easy free flowing attire. They are simple, classy and yet behold worthy. They follow the tenet “Simple is beautiful” and their point is straight: pulling off the elite look that has layers of dignity and chirpiness. To give more attire choices for such people, some brands are rewriting their integral idea behind the brand whereas a few brands are freshly popping out in the market making simplicity as their brand’s image. Entered this game lately is Pushpak Vimaan, a brand with deep love for elegant and simple ensembles weighing offbeat silhouettes.

Their choice of light, delicate and fresh color palette, modish intricate embroidery, flowy cuts, alluring details, delicate layering and funky cartoon designs on a variety of clothes like peplums, long gowns, pencil skirts, tops, playsuits and jumpsuits and the overall sensitive look of the ensemble made the brand stand out from the others.