Bid farewell to jeans this summer but still look like a sharp ray of sun

Our skin bff jeans would no longer be on the same chair of sought-after costume as the heat waves have already surrounded and there are no qualms that jeans is taking the back seat as the biggest factor comfort moves out of the track on summers. But who will replace jeans and give us more style and potential looks? To answer this, here are a variety of pants lined up to keep you cool on this summer while without ditching style.

These loose stylish and comfort evoking bottom wear goes perfect with hot summers. Try bold patterned culottes and pair them up with earthy toned tops or check the forget-me-not prints emblazoned pants and team them with tank tops and bring an ethereal classic look. Forget not to complete your look with sneakers or pumps to add that chic factor.

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Palazzos are a super stylish way to breathe life into super hot summer days. These wide-leg pants give comfy with their flowing silhouette structure and when the fabric is a sort of handloom cotton or linen the level of class and comfort increases by n folds. Start caring about your choice of palazzos and then intertwine it with seriously body-pleasing tops and kurtis alongside laceups to finish off the day look. Swap laceups with heels or flatforms to steal show in the evening parties. Tuck in a shirt or toss a coat over it to your choice.




Who care when the drawstring fallout from the trousers of pajamas when the whole look formed out from it along-with tees and styling can take away the breathe. Here the word styling is rather imperative as it can only hoverboard your bed look to an on-road chic look. Add the cool factor with sunglasses, go simple on accessories but give a high thought on watches, sunglasses and bags while you complete it with a great pair of shoes.




Shift dresses
If it’s not about the drama with pants or any of trousers, keep up your look stay motivated with never out of the style slating shift dresses. Shift dresses that come on a myriad range of styles are high on glamour and incredible to wear out on a hot day. As designers are coming with offbeat collection these days in variety of handlooms fabric, it’s explicitly easy to carry them to a work place or even to a date.





Why girls are obsessing over high slit kurtas and palazzos?

Here comes a special attire that can spoilt the differences between you and a celebrity while rounding the elan, grace and highly sophisticated look that you always wanted to lock. Well, what’s that insanely amazing prowess earned attire and why every girl in the town is going nuts for it? Slit the questions down. It’s a slit kurta we’ve been talking about.

With simple details, sharp slit and high fashion factor, this perfect version of kurtas is what every girl with great love for simplicity and royalty ever wanted to deck up her wardrobe with. These chic evoking kurtas not just can be carried easily but demystifies the equation how to pull off the effortless comely feminine look. They have already seized their way towards success in the fashion chapters galore while anarkalis and straight cut designs paved the path for them, and we ladies just love that revived version of the eternal classic kurtas.

Go choose a single high thigh slit kurta or cuddle the joy with a fresh take on two slit kurta and flaunt your palazzos with high ease. To make the look edgy, take your pair of white sneakers from the hibernate mode and complement it with your kurta and in order to drive much more ethnicity team up kalamkari or floral trousers and add some subtle and simple jewellery. Tada! You’re ready to feast many eyes.










Play it cool with Palazzos- Flowy and wide-leg pants

The swift moving time has brought back the palazzo pants gifting fashion lovers a style that gives comfort too with roomy space for legs. It’s almost 5 decades since Palazzos made their debut in the fashion streets. Though they had been into a hard time where survival was not so easy, the present generation is coronating it for the compelling look it incurs.

Palazzos are free flowing, easy to wear and the most interesting part of them is they succumb to the order you deliver. If you stylize them by teaming up with chic wear they come out as party wear, extra addition of accessories take it to a street style and they are nothing short in crafting a professional look with right companions also. So here is a guide to bang on various looks with the use of palazzo pants.

Classic look
No doubt they are classy! But to uncover their real class soul, monochrome mantra works great. Team up a plain palazzo with same colour loose top and weigh some gold jewellery to it in addition or a simple lace top on it can ring the classic chime.



Professional look
And this is quite interesting as many of the girls take wearing palazzos to the work place as a fear factor. Get a neat, subtle blazer and add it over your tank top to turn palazzos professional. Even tucking in a button down shirt can create the professional look too.



Street look
A graphic tee, a crop top or a tank top is all enough to make ready the grandeur street style with palazzos. A scarf on it, a layered chain with pendant and a lengthy bracelet all will do for the perfect street style time.



Lazy day look
Yeah for a lazy day also! Forget to care a lot, you just need palazzos and a basic tee. Finish! Leaning back to rolling on the bed, palazzos contribute the entire comfort you want in your lazy day.



Boho look
Add a bracelet and a floppy hat to your palazzo attire to route the look towards boho and no need to say it keeps you cozy during happy hours.


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Fashion things straight out from the wardrobe of ‘OLD’

Craze of fashion never turns old and so the fashion too. Some old fashion things that dwell in a period for deportation have stepped into a flash of come back with nod from major fashion heads of the industry. We love having them back. Give a look at the below list of fashion things that are gaining steady momentum.

Scarves stand as a perfect example for the royal come back from the wardrobe of past. Added aesthetic for heads as a head band and as a wrap over, they entertained for a great period of time. Without a doubt, they are a part of now-a-days fashion kit.

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Palazzo Pants
The wide legged trousers which stirred a vibe of new fashion during 1960’s and 1970’s, Palazzo pants popped out in the road of fashion again with the love from people who like putting legs in roomy attire that gives a high level of confidence and comfort.

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Peasant Tops
The endless spree of playing with fashion welcomed Peasant Tops back with a touch of royalty and grandness. The most often appearing peasant tops are emulating some grand pieces that are structured with style and a benefit to wear to any occasion.

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Wrapping relief to people across the world since 1960, Overalls falls in the main sheet of fashion needs during 1990 and today the fantasy of wearing overalls crawled to the point of owning a piece of ensemble that has qualities of better durability and comfort. They are much trending today with variation in the use of material and the type of stitch. Apart from denim, overalls now come in wool and leather.


The lace-less shoe packed with a combination of style and convenience, loafers are a treat for fashion enthusiasts who tend to show their ankle. It has been in the fashion and reigning since decades back with changes taking place with respective to need and evolving trends. Loafers have a separate sole and come in multi-tone.


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