Designer Mamatha Tulluri celebrated handlooms and handloom weavers through fashion show “Saadgi”


Hyderabad popular designer Mamatha Tulluri organized a Fashion show called “Saadgi – A Tribute To Handloom Weavers” on March 08th which turned out as an extravagant ode to the handloom weaves and the weavers behind the classical designs. The event witnessed the presence of socialites, Movie and Television personalities, celebrated docots, elite clientele of Hyderabad and many other eminent people. Every ensemble donned by models echoed the changed rules of handlooms as the collection focused on handloom fabric was ethereal with the apply of designer’s signature gota patti and intricate embroidery in ethnic and indo western silhouettes.

“Saadgi is my sincere effort to bring back the handloom into the mainstream and into the wardrobes of the youth to be worn and adorned with pride and humility,” says Mamatha Tulluri whose happiness lies in providing better livelihood to the talented weavers struggling hard to sustain in this industry. Showstoppers for the evening were gorgeous actress and social activist Isha Koppikar Narang, Punjabi actress Dhriti Saharan, Telugu hero Jayanth Reddy, Kannada movie star Shalini Vadnikatti and Dhruva fame Upen Reddy.

Some of the show’s highlights included felicitation of the legendary Suraiya Hassan, Uzramma and Chintakindi Malleshwam for their exemplary work in the textile industry. The ramp show was interlaced with entertainment from some of the top artists from around the country. The show ended beautifully with ISHA KOPPIKAR taking the ramp as finale showstopper in a stunning gold Mamatha Tulluri creation!

Bridal Collection: The magic was soared to a new high when the models strutted in Mamatha Tulluri’s traditional lehengas and sarees and they looked nothing short of millennial Indian bride.










BlueStone.com announces Bluestone Design Week

_dsc2187One of the leading online jewellery retailers of India, BlueStone.com has announced BlueStone Design Week on 1st December 2016 at Taj Deccan, Hyderabad. On the first edition, it has unveiled an exciting array of jewellery in 5 collections. The bling is so beautiful and are made to accentuate the beauty of women. They carry a pleasant ethereal sense as they are carved out from inspiration varying from nature to gemstone to prevailing styles.

“Bluestone.com is a one-stop solution to treat your fancy for jewellery. It has contemporary designs to meet your jewellery needs. Visit and choose from hundreds of latest models,” says COO of Bluestone.com, Arvind Singhal. He also added the brand’s goals in the future.

Models took the stage wearing new collection and gave audience some serious jewellery goals.





These 5 Indian designers will satiate your fusion wear needs

The love of both Indian and western wear when mashed up in a dedicatedly classic way, the incarnation of fusion wear gets started. Started slowly with some down the line fame, the indo-western outfits have become fashionistas language in dispensing out their love for quirkiness. As fusion wear can satiate the tastes of both the caders of the Indian women- women prefer to opt traditional wear and women tend to wear western attire, they are seen everywhere else in the urban places of India.

If you’ve already fallen in love with the fusion wear, let’s peek into a list of the designers who are governing the fusion wear with their flair for de-tangling artistic threads.
RuVya by Ruchika And Divya
Fusion wear by RuVya is something close to everyone as meticulously crafted cuts and patterns make you strike some flash with the earthy tones. The designers offbeat take on underrated colors and unique designs made them most sort after designers in India while on the outlook for some simple, divergent and classy ensembles.


Natasha J
Sophisticated designs that are bound to give an edgy look is what all about Natasha J creations. From the choice of bold colors to adding some high Indian traits are a few points allowing the label stand big in the Indian market slated with ‘designers unlimited’.



Ragini Ahuja
Ikai by Ragini Ahuja is the label you can stumble up on when your mind relentlessly wants to invite a heavy dose of western vibes that has Indian touch. Doused with stripes, florals, geometric prints and with a lot of buzz creating exotic designs, Ikai serves you modern Indian attire on a western platter.

Payal Singhal
Contemporary silhouettes that are infused with the true Indian spirit echo your inner voice of being bold and it is all what Payal Sighal label stands for. From sarees to dresses and tunics, Payal Singhal clothing range is a best suit for discerning fashionistas who can savor on rustic Indian flavors of attire.


Anita Dongre
Forget about the fusion wear list if it’s not wrapped Anita Dongre, as the reigning queen of India with her unique taste of combining both Indian and western sensibilities stamped an indelible mark in the hearts of the costume lovers. She is the first choice of celebs looking to slay off with the style. Her eclectic creations are wardrobe favourites and have become staples for modern Indian women who wants a package of comfort, style and demure in one pick.




The best 5 designer boutiques in Hyderabad

For the perpetual melody drama in the house of festival, the wave of glitter that exudes from ensembles is an essential part to ensure the flow of joy, and to keep the flow intact, designers of Hyderabad are ready in their boutiques. So let us peek into the best Hyderabad boutiques to have the power to win in the game of fashion.

Anushree Reddy

The world is her stage and nature is her weapon to design the ensembles that are pointed to rewrite the calendar of trend. Anushree Reddy is not a formally trained designer but the perpetual endeavor towards designing mystic and perseverance lifted her to the stair of success and the rest is history.

She knows well how to make the pretty pastels shine and florals to flourish with her intuitive panache of giving life for clothes. With her creations displayed at LFW 2013 for the first time, people have got a lady of their dream dressing designer who can handle the fashion in an utter ethnic yet classic way.




Mugdha Art Studio

The unique combination of spice and chill suits to the Mughda art studio as the studio is impeccably dedicated to cater the needs of young ladies who are frenzy about traditional attire that got the rhythm of sophisticated colors and thrilling new designs. Touch new phases of success in the ownership of the designer Sashi Vangapalli, this boutique fulfils one’s desire to look vibrant yet classy through the big gamut of lehenga cholis, bridal sarees, skirts and more. Also for those cuteness overloaded moments, Sashi dedicates her time to come up with adorable creations for kids.




Golden Threads

Adding extensions to Indian tradition with her flair for designing fabrics, Kavitha Gutta has set herself as a brand every bride love to get decked up in her creations. Her Golden Threads designs are clear, defined and talk on how to look beautiful and chiseled while without leaving art and culture. Every creation comes out from the Golden Threads is an aftermath from the greatest care taken on every moment of sewing threads and these innovative creations have a scale of ethnicity and classic mixture of royalty that takes us to the heavenly moments of wearing something unusual as well as highly traditional.




Mamatha Tulluri’s, The Designer Studio

Specialized in creating her own mark of eclectic handloom ensembles, Mamatha Tulluri is the lady behind the designer studio which is a must visit boutique to spot traditional weaves that are gaining excellence with the infusion of modern sensibilities. Here, breezy materials such as jute, linen, cotton and handlooms get their best beauty and are seen most stylishly crafted and hooked up.

Giving a helping hand to the artisans across the remote places, Mamatha Tulluri works on creating magic all the way through small parties to big fat weddings with the eternal classical collection of India.




Bhargavi Studio

Mastered in the technique of what works well for you at which point of occasion, Bhargavi Kunam knows where to add the heaviness and where to deconstruct elements on the name of making things to perfection. Her designs reflects the freshness of a season and soothes our fashion senses as her choice of colors, designs and elements used to complement a creation are foolproof.

Stumble up on at ‘Bhargavi Studio’ to begin an endless journey in discovering the aesthetic collection made with passion for fashion and authentic love for tradition.










Stay in Vogue with Scraves

If you’re still working with your scarves only in winter to bring the warmth then you need to dig some deeper layers about the trending scarves fashion. Pull a scraf and wrap it around your head if it is sun that concentrating its rays over you or rain that touching your head to incur the look of chic while making yourself comfy. As scarves are not so confined to any outfit, they can be teamed up with any kind of duds including jeans, skirts, shorts and many more to pour some extra dose of fashion on you.

Invading the potential lines of fashion, women in Hyderabad are one step ahead when it comes to making use of scarves – Hyderabadis are tying scarves to protect themselves from ‘pollution’ while presenting the best of their look. It is one of the most happening looks in the city in recent years and has become commendable with the perks it is garnering.

3Summer Effect

To encourage the concept of protecting health from environmental conditions + bringing style, designers are introducing much more designs in the scarves section. To the existing basic forms of scarves such as Pashmina, bandana, muffler and the wrap, the newly added shades, floral designs and animal prints are helping to reinforce the trend and stir much more elegance.



Image Source: http://www.verstylehouse.co.uk


Nizams Fashion – The True Shade of Royalty

Nizams with their signature garb had introduced the world an imperial trend of fashion that adheres to the high levels of royalty. Besides the glow of pearls, Hyderabad also marked the glitter of fashion with the impact from Nizams luxurious lifestyle and their love towards sartorial works.


The Nizams are known to wear sherwani along with a turban that was attached with jewellery studded sarpech, and their immense interest towards pearls and jewellery made them to exhibit the exquisite pieces of necklaces made out from precious stones, gems and pearls. The VI Nizam of Hyderabad, Asaf Jah who was especially famous for his lifestyle and the fashion he used to follow had tremendous interest towards clothes which led to cement a separate wing for clothes in his palace. He didn’t used to wear the same attire for more than twice. He was also fond of various styles and popularized some of the clothes and accessories including collars, shoes, coats, headgears and perfumes. Many Nizams were inspired from the lifestyle of Asaf Jah and followed it too, mainly the 6th Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Mahbub Ali Khan gathered Asaf Jan’s sense of style and owned a two-tier wardrobe that had all filled up with expensive attires.

5nizams 3     prince

Likewise, Mir Osaman Ali Khan, the seventh ruler of Asaf Jah dynasty with a nature to wear socks that are knitted by him was an unique persona as he always tend to wear patched ragged clothes despite having great clothes decked up in a half mile long wardrobe. He was also an enthusiast of pearls and collected enough pearls that could fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.

nizam5  nizamdaughter

Image Source: specials.rediff.com, mahabubnagar.tripod.com, rajadeendayal.com, merinews.com, tribuneindia.com


How Fashion is Evolving in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the place where diverse traditions, cultures and customs are laced like pearls in a chain, is also a place of diverse fashions and sartorial statements with the impact from different dynasties that ruled the city. The result of different dressing styles and mixed cultures is also due to the geographical location of the city, different cultural traditions and the blend of Hindus and Muslims.


The traditional attire of Hyderabadi’s is Salwar kameez and Khara dupatta for women, Sherwani and Kurta pijama for men though now-a-days there is no limit for people to embark the fashion flag that always changes with trends, comfort and their own stance of flexibility. Women of Hyderabad mostly wear saree and youth are often seen in Jeans, T-shirts, Trousers, Kurtis, Skirts and other modern wear.

Par to the previous decades where the city is quite famous for traditional attire, today it is much popular for the mixed bag of both royal traditional wear and modern wear it is offering. Independent of the locality, various places of Hyderabad are serving an extensive range of outfits for a variety of events and other occasions. The streets that are known previously for hosting small stalls to showcase the fashion stuff are now predominantly turning as spots for fashion exhibitions and events. Within less than a week, our pearl city is witnessing many fashion events and it is quite believable that it may turn into a fashion hub as soon as possible.

Attracting world’s best agencies and fashion studios, the Hyderabad fashion market is immensely getting stronger and is offering cherry on a cake for the young, talented and fashion designers by allowing them to showcase Bridal wear, sarees, dresses, cocktail gowns, lehengas and anarkalis in the fashion events like Hyderabad Fashion Week and Hyderabad International Fashion Week.


Nothing less than other metro cities of India, Hyderabad is also evolving as a top fashion destination with the launch of fashion stores from the acclaimed fashion designers including Neeta Lulla, Rocky S, Arjun Khanna, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and many others.

Image Source: moviegalleri.net, Pluzcinema.com