The ethereal shine with Silver jewellery

Made one of the world’s best qualities ‘modesty’ as its beauty on every corner, Silver jewellery is certainly a trend every women is obsessed to get her hands on. Do you know where all the power of this silver jewellery lies? It’s in the simplicity and the unique shine it innately has. The best part is, being an underrated metallic tone, silver jewellery is adapt at outshine the ensembles in muted tones which can help leap your look to the next level of extraordinary.

Like they are super sexy on traditional attire, they also fit in the contemporary template with the flux of easy cosy modern principles. Didn’t see how the new age fashion meets the rustic flavor of silver jewellery till now? Then get a chunky dose of inspiration from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s Anushka Sharma aka Alizeh who appears as sophisticated pretty Indian girl with the magic created by eclectic designer Manish Malhotra.





If that’s the story all about earrings, get through the resplendent stories created by the necklaces which have become a game changer in the shirts, kurtis and crop top world.




What else other than silver necklace can do a better job in pulling off the feminine look with shirts?





Amrapali Jewellery- The only jewellery you need this season

To this era of statement neckpieces, Amrapali Jewellery had answers back then in the past itself, and when people start loving to wear the years long excitement, the jewellery destination unveiled its creations and persistently became an irresistible choice of the stylists in finishing off the critics persuading look.

This luxury jewellery brand with its bold and sophisticated qualities came across many fashion shows in the world with no difference in pulling either traditional or western looks. As a result, an immense craze from celebrities to normal people marked its panache to peak high and made everyone to look after nothing but Amrapali jewellery when they are on the way to justify the creations from renowned designers of the world including Anita Dongre, Anamika Khanna, Manish Arora, Rohit Bal, Rahul Mishra, Sabyasachi, Ritu kumar, Masaba Gupta and many more.

Pick out any fashion page of late, you will only see celebrities sporting eclectic designer collection with its bestie Amrapali jewellery and that might be a perfect fashion decision now-a-days. Take off the jewellery and look back again, you feel bereft without the Amrapali jewellery presence. Isn’t it!








Spice up your style with Maang Tikka


If there is one jewellery piece that can turn any women beautiful yet traditional, it must be a Maang Tikka, without doubts. A gigantic one or merely a string filled with pearls has the power to turn up the elegant side as it adds a special charm to the face. Unlike days of past where it shines only in wedding events, now-a-days it has omnipresent and making grand appearance in almost every occasion irrespective of the type and size. In wedding, sangeeth, mehandi, birthday or in a dinner party, weighing a Maang Tikka not only shines you more brighter but keeps you out stand from the crowd.

To get fit into the current trends, changes must be incorporated, though it is an ear stud or a Maang Tikka. With the accelerated changes, these definitely beauty evoking Maang Tikkas are coming even gorgeous and leaving us tough to take them out after party.

As there are many varieties of Maang Tikkas emerging out daily, your head might pops out a question what works best on what. If this is a problem turning you down, here are celebs to help you out in picking up a right one that churns out wow.













Image Source: a-wedding-planner.blogspot.com


Skip jewellery but not glitter with heavy embellished blouses

There is no wedding ceremony, grand party or other gathering event we’ve come across without an overdose of bling as the imperial qualities embraced shining jewellery is so commanding that it’s hard to replace it with something else but the permeation of heavy designer blouses and other clothing range today slided the hours of weighing heavy jewellery aside with their rich texture and heavy embellishments.

So, you can take away the moments of weighing jewellery with this fashion achievement while without ditching grandness in the events. High neck regal blouses, designer bridal blouses, brocade blouses, metallic blouses and floral blouses are some of the blouse types you can try in the next wedding ceremony to skip your jewellery.


Designed by Kavitha Gutta, the bridal blouse wore by Kajal Agarwal is nothing less than grand.


Kareena Kapoor in Sabhyasachi showed the delight in wearing a rich lehanga choli with royally designed blouse.


Katrina Kaif recently dazzled at Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa in a creation of Manish Malhotra. She was in totally shimmering sequinned top and long skirt which made the actress looked royal.


The look of a diva is not so far with the simple yet creatively implemented designs.


Do you think is there any need to add jewellery to this creation came out from fashion designer Anushree Reddy?


Greatly crafted imperial aura on the lehenga choli made it as a statement attire for the wedding season.

Image Source: http://www.wiki.com


4 Trending Necklaces To Forge Friendship With

Necklaces never lost their lustre of being in the must-haves list of women since time immemorial. Our grandmothers wore it with grace, our mothers watched out as an integral part in the beauty kit and the current generation is taking pride in using them as a fashion accessory by teaming them up with a wide range of ensembles. Here is a list of necklaces that have become wide popular now-a-days with their significant aspect of style.

Lariat Necklace
Your tees might wonder about a new entry, a Lariat necklace. It is a perfect companion for the plunging neckline apparel. Be a dress or a tee. As the power of this necklace lies with its factor of simplicity, it’s a no entry board for all other bling when Lariant is ON.

Though Hollywood celebs are fronting in the Lariant usage so often, Bollywood and other industry celebs are also turning their eyeballs with a desire to get it.

la lariat

Choker Necklace
It is grandeur of the choker necklace making it relive for years and years. Choker has been in the trend since decades and has seen no clue of dropping out from necks and also from buzz. With changes in its material usage it is going a long way, pearls and gold are often in the usage during past and now it’s the talk about gemstones, diamonds and gold.

chok choker
Pendant Necklace
Looks so simple but completes the overall look is a pendant necklace. They work well on any variant of garment and season. From simple stones to heavy stones cluttered one, wearing a pendant necklace is a clever act to match with style and fashion.

pend pend1
Layered necklace
Get a layered necklace from the market and pair it up on tees, one piece dresses and tank tops or churn out a new layer pattern by blending various necklaces with a choice of layering. Layering necklaces needs no prior experience of being a fashion designer but a notch about it finishes it off.

last last1

Image Source: http://www.tumblr.com