New trends to bring to your wardrobe right away

Trends don’t have a defined time. They stay for some time and helps the new ones to pop up. If you’ve tired enough to wear that same old styles, here is a pack comprising of three latest trends to own.

Jumpsuit sarees
There is no need to redefine how different jumpsuits and sarees are. Though each has claimed its popularity in their own game of western and traditional attire, the way people treat them is reminiscent to treating opposite genders. To keep a longtime full-stop, designers have stepped into the next phase of fashion where jumpsuit saree has been manifested with the infusion of style and comfort from jumpsuit, class and tradition from saree.


Churidaar skirt
Defying the conventional three piece chudidaar suit, this whole new churidaar skirt highlights the new member of the family, skirt. With ease, this one lets you weigh another piece of style with a mantra to bare some mid-riff. Stirring buzz in florals, multi-colors and pastel hues, churidaar skirt is the trend to try now to be like that perfect swag girl.

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Crop top-lehenga
Crop top-lehenga has to be taken in the account of recent success trends as this look not only seen put the ramp on the fire but known for the illusion it brings to any festive season or house warming function. Put on a simple crop top and add your age old lehenga, that’s it! you have got a promising diva look. Despite lengthy florals are reigning in the lane of crop top lehenga’s, classical kanchivarams and raw silks are also worthy trying to stand out from the circle of usual.



Bollywood celebs and their sincere love for sneakers

For a powerful lady look or school going girly one, sneakers has it all in creating that base of style for any girl. The world has fallen in love with these comfort giving sneakers since long back and now the trend is inseparable without them. Skirts, dresses, trousers and anything else that is well set for a day can be accompanied with sneakers for a flexible walk in style. While everyone is enjoying this fashion across the world, Bollywood celebs seems like obsessed for this always new styles churning out sneakers as they are not leaving them from a simple walk to their movie promotions.

Deepika Padukone, who feels merely tough living without jeans quite often showed up her love for sneakers by wearing them at various events including promotional rounds, parties and launch events.



Another actress expertise in working with sneakers is Priyanka Chopra. The versatile actress who is evolving herself day by day with her innumerable talents knows’ how to keep sneakers stylish and chic according to the trends.



Cuteness is overloaded when the leggy actress Katrina Kaif gets her legs into sneakers alongside the funky dress. In many of her airport looks, one can notice how simply the actress carried the stylish sneakers.


The Aashqui girl knows how to take over the style with simple changes and add ons, among which sneakers are a good choice. Check out her sporty side here.


Queen always knows how to reign the fashion parade with trends and sneakers are nothing short. Look at Kangana Ranaut to say yes! She is the real queen who knows dealing with sneakers in perfection.



Alia Bhatt got the style tricks under her sleeves, no, under her feet in the form of sneakers. She is a true gem capable of shining the whole look by incorporating a pair of comfy sneakers.



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Fashion Designer Anushree Reddy

She knows well how to make the pretty pastels shine and florals to flourish with her intuitive panache of giving life for clothes. She is Anushree Reddy, a leading fashion designer hailing from the Pearl City Hyderabad. With her creations displayed at LFW 2013 for the first time, people have got a lady of their dream dressing designer who can handle the fashion in an utter ethnic yet classic way. Many tales of Indian wedding have been outspoken about the elegance brought by the weaves of Anushree and when it’s about receptions, mehandi functions or dynamic events, designs loaded by the ace designer brings atmosphere a cheer that one can cherish forever.

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Fallen in the magic created by Anushree, many were seen out of the world right the moment  they wrapped themselves in the designer wear and celebs are nothing short while considering her sewing stint. Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut, Shreya Saran, Madhuri Dixit and Adah Sharma to name a few among the list of celebs who created a tough moment to refrain from stop gazing when they strutted in AR creations.


If you’re feeling irresistible to embrace the elegance incorporated with freshness then stumble up on the clothing line all open at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad or let the luxury goods delivered at your door steps by buying online at http://www.jivacouture.com, http://www.kalkifashion.com, http://www.mirraw.com,  http://www.gujaratidresses.com, http://www.coutureyard.com and more.

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pin Anushree Reddy's collection at Ogaan

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Fortify Your Style With Floral Designs

Grow those flowers of style in your wardrobe with the desire of adopting the floral fashion blossoming smoothly at roads and ramps with a touch of classic look. Appears all the day fresh, design of floral never fades even at the dawn of the dusk where as going viral through its mist of storing colorful flowers from little to big and has made an indelible mark in the book of fashion.


With its roots all over the globe, floral poured the power of turning any age to chic. Whether you look into Hollywood or Bollywood, celebs are seen rocking these florals in gatherings, promotional activities, evening parties and many other events. If you remember the strapless floral dress don by fashion girl Sonam Kapoor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013, floral jumpsuit wrapped by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan during a Cannes event and Zara floral-print blazer worn by Deepika Padukone during promotional rounds for her upcoming film, it’s so easy to get to the point of how well the floral designs are working in every floor.

floral3 floral4

Joined the celebs celebrating in floral designs, Kareena Kapoor doubled the floral elegance during her presence at a Malabar Gold press conference while the “Bombay Velvet” beauty Anushka Sharma spilled the magic of flowers through her floral printed off-shoulder maxi dress during her attendance at the movie promotion.

floral1 floral2

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Bollywood Celebs In Black

While considering colors that will never fade from the fashion track, black take the top position tight. It is a reigning color of past, present and forthcoming days. Despite many of us try to refrain from adding another to the existing row of black ensembles, most often we end up carrying bags weighing down with black color dresses. May be it’s a mean of style for some but a lovely addiction for many and we can also find celebs adhering to into the web of same hue.

Embarking to the top position of Bollywood with her long legs and stunning looks, Katrina Kaif was all seen impeccable in a black dress most recently during a promotion of her soon-to-hit theatres film “Phantom”. Paired up with a DvF belt and strappy pumps, she wore Balmain Paris dress which was totally black and amazing on her.


Pushing the youngsters aside, the eternal beauty Kajol has made a look with the black that not only revived her beauty but kept people in the fire of jealous. In a latest photoshoot for Elle India, the diva is in Issa London gown with a giant metallic belt, Jimmy Choo Shoes and a line necklace.


Image Source: http://www.bollywoodlife.com, Besthdimages.in