These top celebrities are working out the wet hair look perfectly. How about you?

The best moments of summer are relatively intertwined with showers and the things that have water as a primary element. Nonetheless, past the time of shower inevitably dryness hits back to its position since the use of the dry shampoo but to keep the wet charm all day long there are some tricks under the sleeves of the renowned celebrities.

From Anushka Sharma and Selena Gomez to Kendall Jenner everyone seems falling in love with the wet hair look and showing up their love for this style at various occasions. Let’s get some inspiration from these A-list celebs.


Anushka Sharma
During the promotions of her upcoming movie Phillauri, Anushka Sharma showed up at Dil Hai Hindustani show shinning in the glittery textured wet hair. With her short glittery dress, the wet hair she wore went exciting and made the whole look intriguing.


Deepika Padkone
The big-eyed Deepika is one amongst the Bollywood divas to sport the wet hair look in a simple yet sexy manner. She nailed it like an expert with her hair combed backwards. Credits for that successful look must be credited to her woolen black off shoulder top and obviously her flawless make up.


Selena Gomez
In a latest photo posted by Hung, Selena Gomez appeared in a new avatar where she wore a wet hair look in a smart and seductive way. Smoky shadow on eyes and gorgeous off white dress complimented the look and turned up the heat. Her slicked-back hair draw the attention of many and stand out from the rest as one of the coveted looks of this season of summer.


Kendall Jenner
The youngest kardashian reigning the fashion ramp with her sharp looks showed us how to rule the wet hair look with the addition of elegance. This is also a slicked-back hair look that fascinated us through the intense styling applied to the look. Heavy earrings, well groomed eye brows and the dewy make-up finished the look to perfectism.


Bid farewell to jeans this summer but still look like a sharp ray of sun

Our skin bff jeans would no longer be on the same chair of sought-after costume as the heat waves have already surrounded and there are no qualms that jeans is taking the back seat as the biggest factor comfort moves out of the track on summers. But who will replace jeans and give us more style and potential looks? To answer this, here are a variety of pants lined up to keep you cool on this summer while without ditching style.

These loose stylish and comfort evoking bottom wear goes perfect with hot summers. Try bold patterned culottes and pair them up with earthy toned tops or check the forget-me-not prints emblazoned pants and team them with tank tops and bring an ethereal classic look. Forget not to complete your look with sneakers or pumps to add that chic factor.

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Palazzos are a super stylish way to breathe life into super hot summer days. These wide-leg pants give comfy with their flowing silhouette structure and when the fabric is a sort of handloom cotton or linen the level of class and comfort increases by n folds. Start caring about your choice of palazzos and then intertwine it with seriously body-pleasing tops and kurtis alongside laceups to finish off the day look. Swap laceups with heels or flatforms to steal show in the evening parties. Tuck in a shirt or toss a coat over it to your choice.




Who care when the drawstring fallout from the trousers of pajamas when the whole look formed out from it along-with tees and styling can take away the breathe. Here the word styling is rather imperative as it can only hoverboard your bed look to an on-road chic look. Add the cool factor with sunglasses, go simple on accessories but give a high thought on watches, sunglasses and bags while you complete it with a great pair of shoes.




Shift dresses
If it’s not about the drama with pants or any of trousers, keep up your look stay motivated with never out of the style slating shift dresses. Shift dresses that come on a myriad range of styles are high on glamour and incredible to wear out on a hot day. As designers are coming with offbeat collection these days in variety of handlooms fabric, it’s explicitly easy to carry them to a work place or even to a date.





How to master in wearing faded and pale colors beautifully

As a fashion enthusiast you would tend to try out all the colors that fall in to the season despite the fact that the list is lined up even with some mundane colors. Though you don’t find any hassles in handling your favourite colors as you ever want to let it down, a cluster of things boggle your mind while your heart chooses a pale or a faded color as your mind have a thought that it ain’t easy to handle a color that intuitively don’t spark up the look.

Even if it feels hard on how to bring it to you initially, some superficial tips can get back your confidence on how to pull off the look greatly with pale colors.

Choose your lip color
The brightest source of color when you aim to accentuate your look with your dress is your lips. Make sure to pout lips only with fierce reds and candy pinks when your choice of dress is inked with pale colors like pale blue, green and peaches.


Cannes 2013 - Jeune Jolie Premiere

Bags to grab
To lift up life in the serious case of dull colors, bags have an attention grabbing role. Rather than seeking out for less lively yet thin bags, exclaim for sophisticated and look uplifting bold colored bags to uphold the attire.



Heels to fall for
The power of heel-ing your fear for wearing, an attire that might not help you pop out from the boring lot is relatively significant inorder to keep loving the attire more and more. While the dark colored heels and pumps work phenomenally with their anti colors, how could the pristine white take a back seat when it’s all about pairing with its besties?





This is how you can put your love for tie dye in the forefront

Tie dye prints which were in the rage during 70’s were bail out on joining the extinct list of fashion as they cope up to appear atleast once in a while at parties and festive seasons. As fashion hooks to its definition – it’s a process of recycling trends, now in this 21st century, tie dye has made it’s come back more effectively with the possession of the current fashion staples; energy inducing style, mind endearing creativity and the inseparable spark it innately has. Despite the tie dye pattern always happens’ to look the same, the way it’s getting carved is changing the appearance frame of the silhouette.

Latest burgeoning brands like Mint Blush and others are thriving hard to see the tie dye trend topping the list and their fresh take on tie dyes has unveiled a new era for an elegant and sporty look.

Celebrity tips to get the edgy look with tie dye


To take the centre stage, make sure to pick a plain saree and pair it up with a tie dye blouse with no frills like Regina Cassandra. To stretch look to perfection, remind to add a choker in silver tone.


…and here’s the vice versa version of the above style – a tie dye saree with totally plain blouse


It just takes a jiffy to add a dab of glamour to a generic look filled up with all black – a tie dye scarf.


You could look like a butterfly full of color with these kinda vibrant and classic tie dye front slit kurtas teamed up with a pair of straight palazzos.


A neatly structured designer dhoti pants is all it takes to spark your tie dye obsession. Look how Neha Dupia draw our eyes with her traditionally cosmopolitan look.


If you’re limiting tie dye only to tops, bottoms and scarfs, blur the boundaries with optimal spill of tie dye on the jacket like what Lavanya Tripathi did.


The game of swirling has got much elegant as Hansika Motwani clad in a flowy palazzo and bright tone kurta.


If you can’t get over with just a single tie dyed piece, impersonate the style of Athiya Shetty with some quirky jewellery.


7 Cool habits of stylish people

Everyone love to be stylish in this world where being unique is important. In order to induce some style to your life get knowing about habits of stylish people which also help to see yourself in a way where you are doused with a perfect dose of style.

1. They add style in their own way
It’s never hard for stylish people to stitch a fashion button. It’s their instinct fashion sense some times that push their hands create style and sometimes it’s their innate intuitive skills that power them up in racking up a stylish pattern they want.


2. Wardrobe never done without basics
Their wardrobe may be hanging with diverse range of clothing but is never complete without the foundation of basic fashion. A white/grey tee, pair of jeans, comfortable sneakers, leather belt and more.


3. Non-followers of trend
Stylish people don’t subscribe to all the popular newsletters and other stuff that make their inbox looking inundated where as they evolve their thinking to weave extensions to their styles.


4. Detail-oriented
“Whatever you wear it, accentuate it,” is the principle many stylish people follow. They don’t believe decking up dozens of chains or rings will add glitter but trust keeping things detail-oriented reigns the fashion streets. It’s just an eye liner, a vintage brooch, working with good nail arts or even second studs can keep you more confident and stylish.


5. They stand out from crowd
It must be the best part of them. They keep themselves unique in a crowd full of people who are avid fashion followers. They set their own standards of style through their ensembles alongside the most significant unseen wearable confidence. When the world is running behind high heels, they look for loafers; when the world fighting for over-sized bags, they cool it off with cute backpacks; when all are turning to cat eyes they let the fire waft with smoky eyes. Unique, simply stylish.


6. There is something for them in every store
People who love styling have different perspective in dealing with duds and accessories. They are adapt at what goes well with what, combining stuff in unique ways, mixing and matching, experimenting something that’s totally new and confidently saying this is a new style. And so they always have something in every store as they can create different theme structured styles.


7. They don’t cling to labels
Grand and brand labels don’t always have their impact on people who are super stylish. They don’t need a $2000 branded arm candy or $500 bracelet to turn stylish as they can strut confidently by carrying any sort of style despite it is sewed with low price tag.

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