Exploit the power of Indigo blue

One electrifying color the world is running behind, indigo blue is the new black that has got the power in pushing anyone wearing this into limelight. It has become a part of everyone’s life these days and yeah all of us like to have atleast one piece in this color. If you have noticed, the stringent look evoking indigo blue greatly topped on the modern fashion shunning everything behind and the obsession is still on the flames that even sobriety couldn’t help in weaning off ourselves from picking just one or two indigo blue ensembles.

Got its name from the Indian indigo plant, this trend succumbing color takes the credit in introducing the world what dyeing is. As it intrinsically holds the striking power and royalty together at a high pace, day to day increase in the production of it can be seen across the world. Especially designers with offbeat take on handlooms are exploiting the beauty of indigo across various creations they are making. From the classic Indian ethnic wear like indigo blue sarees and indigo blue kurtis to the new age fashion choices indigo blue dresses, the color remains strong and betting competition high while going well with the contrast colors mustard, white and red to name a few.

indigo3 indigo2

Indigo blue dresses

indigo5  indigo1

Indigo blue kurtis

 indigo7 indigo6

Indigo blue sarees


Never forget to mix the color red with these colors

From the sunshine overcoming brightness to the darkness killing quality, the color blood red has all the vital qualities a fashion fanatic looks for. It has the shine. It has the power. Despite it’s a world renowned fact that nothing stands as a competition for this tough color and there can’t be anything that is so fierce like it, the vibes of chillness is guaranteed when it’s get complemented with the refreshing tones of yellow and white. However, there are certain colors that are ready to accentuate them by melting in the hotness of the red and we may get a thought that their birth would have took place just to pair up with it. Can’t able to wait more for the companion colors? Let’s dive into them….

The soft and sexy peach, the bold and convincing grey, the realistic and homely indigo blue and the darkest of all, black are the four easy colors partaking the joy of being paired up with the color red.

Add a simple solid peach tank to a pair of red trousers or jeans to turn up yourself refreshing and exciting. This color combination is also seen making a heavy buzz at the bridal and wedding occasions.

new1  new2


What else works great than red for the sharp color grey? Try complementing a full length grey kurti with red leggings or suitable trousers for that edgy look.




The electrifying look is all set when the darkest of all colors meets the brightest of the all.



Indigo blue topped the list of hot favourite colors these days with its intense formula of being simple and looking royal and when such a color teams up with red, the look will be flawless, right!





A royal combination to try now – White and blue


To a prom or to an other event to show up your skills about blazing trends, it takes something extra-ordinary from your wardrobe essentials and in this season let the prevailing combination of white and blue takes over everything to smash down the old and shabby clothes groaning in the closet as this one perfect dress could be your style savior in these days of comfort first and everything next.

While celebs have a deep penchant to strut in this magic spilling white and blue combination weighing dresses and tops, especially dresses with porcelain prints, the world is acting submissive for the elite imperial look it delivers through its fuzz free designs and crystal clear appearance. Though certain porcelain prints pertains to the Chinese style and leave some traces of a conventional look, they are considered to be classic for being paired up with the classic white.

Often used to be seen cuddling tightly vases, plates and other decorations earlier, these porcelain prints have eventually gained a phase for their charm through their presence in the list of the human most loved thing on the earth, attire and nothing comes middle way of the statement ‘they have become the pride prints of this decade.’






Colors for 2016 – Indigo, Teal and more

People who are bored off wearing those routine colors can give a twist to their wardrobe this year with the timely changing colors in the fashion world. The time of past might have introduced some favourite colors of today but who knows the days of future are stored with newly hatching hues you may like to fall in love with?

Before you getting know about the colors of future, be aware of the risk of indulgence associated with the magic comes from colors as once you start loving a color it may transcend and curb you that it becomes so difficult to pick another one. Whatever your selection is into, a dress, a hair band, a scarf or even nail polish your instinct goes generally with the color that you have in the mind.

Wait is over! According to the predictions from fashion gurus Coral, Taupe, Teal, Indigo, Persimmon and Lemon Chiffon are some of the colors for 2016 as they already lurking people with their fresh sense and alluring nature.

Coral is the new pink now-a-days as the color has a profound love from girls.  Watch on, there are more accessories and dresses to come out from coral.


You never know what is attracting when it is Taupe, even though, you desperately like to have one piece in that color.


Teal could be the royal color of the season. Whatever the color is in a row, teal can conquer with its solid beauty.


Indigo, a color that slashes your thoughts is another royal yet vibrant color the year is ready to embrace with. Welcome the charm with indigo.


Having all the qualities required for a classic color, Lemon Chiffon can reign the fashion with dozens of its attracting factors.


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