It is not that easy to have that lazy look

While time has the capability to lean you towards laziness, weekend act as pillar in constructing it to a point of infinity and have you ever wondered looking beautiful in that done-nothing look? If you were so, here are some non-conservative ways and basic essentials to create that intentional lazy brightness in any day.

Idea 1
Basic tees are imperative in curating casual yet lazy looks, look out for a no drama filled tee or an over-sized one and complement it with the never thought to pair up legging or jegging. Alongside, include flip flops and create a messy bun with your hair to cement your lazy look.




Idea 2
Pick up a rolled up shoulder shirt and team it up with a pair of ripped off jeans. Add tassel belt and messy ponytail to complete the look.





Idea 3
One shoulder tees and tops totally pertains to the family of lazy look, so keep scouting for a one shoulder tee and pair it with a skirt and casual shoes. Free flowing hair or cool ponytail can help your look stand out.

Idea 4
The finest among the lazy look is here; Mix and match a one shoulder or an over-sized outfit with a pair of colorful shots. Easily this look gives you that fine lazy appearance.


Idea 5
Long back and short front tees are cool enough in creating a lazy day look. Go for it and pair it up with shorts or 3/4th contrast color trouser. If you choose a dress of this kind instead of a tee, forget about trousers.




A royal combination to try now – White and blue


To a prom or to an other event to show up your skills about blazing trends, it takes something extra-ordinary from your wardrobe essentials and in this season let the prevailing combination of white and blue takes over everything to smash down the old and shabby clothes groaning in the closet as this one perfect dress could be your style savior in these days of comfort first and everything next.

While celebs have a deep penchant to strut in this magic spilling white and blue combination weighing dresses and tops, especially dresses with porcelain prints, the world is acting submissive for the elite imperial look it delivers through its fuzz free designs and crystal clear appearance. Though certain porcelain prints pertains to the Chinese style and leave some traces of a conventional look, they are considered to be classic for being paired up with the classic white.

Often used to be seen cuddling tightly vases, plates and other decorations earlier, these porcelain prints have eventually gained a phase for their charm through their presence in the list of the human most loved thing on the earth, attire and nothing comes middle way of the statement ‘they have become the pride prints of this decade.’






Give your fashion an extra dose – Phone cases and more

Big or small, when it comes to fashion it takes all. Making things grand that are big and neglecting small reflects the look with gaps as fashion prioritizes everything from wee little to big counting on the occasion and context. As we see, many people who concentrate lot more than what’s required to deck up are mostly the people sometimes who melt their style lacking an eye over small things that plays pivotal role. For instance, dressing up all the way to perfect and skipping a clutch or a wristlet that works parallel to the outfit can ruin the overall look. Not only a clutch but there are many things to concentrate on when it comes to carry fashion without glitches.

Phone Cases

Too trendy or not your phone is, but covering it up with a colorful/funky case marks you unique. Go with a case having equations and formulaes to flaunt your interest of being a geek or try the bling based case for a feminine look.


case2 case1


Though there is no viability in flaunting anklets once dressed down they are a major hit if you’re heading towards ethnic wear and western wear that gives the space to flaunt. Get a slew of anklets designs and match it to your duds to charm the entire look.


ank3     ank2


Adding chime to the fashion is a treat for eyes. Bring out the style of wearing bracelets to the occasion: beads based bracelet over jeans and a one made of gold over traditional dresses accentuates the look.


blue-bracelets-dream-fashion-Favim.com-799570 Inline image 1

Ear cuffs

If a single piece that can give an immense attention, then ear cuff undoubtedly takes that position. Shines in the way through the whole ear, ear cuffs are a trend came from the past hit record of fashion.


cufs1 cuffs3


Ring bands are a true shade of turning bling on. Regardless of the traditional way of wearing a single ring to one finger, pile them up and add one more or two more with a definite gap to keep up in the fashion ring.



Second earrings

It is growing glow of fashion on the ear with second ear rings. Studs or second earring chains, both give a brilliantly effortless look wrapped with fashion at any event.


second1  Inline image 2


Style This Season Of Fashion With These 6 Keys

Seeking a better way to stylize this season of fashion then go get doused with fashion keys to pump up yourself in charm.

1. Color Yourself with Kalamkari Vests 

Looking great with simple attire is what most of the girls desire for and a simple yet chic look is guaranteed if you’re not so far from this Kalamkari Vest. Wear it on a very casual shirt and watch the translated colorful look of yours.


2. Cover it up with Cardigans

Born in the family of sweaters, knitted garment cardigan is a way to wake up the vibe of fashion in you. Descended with buttons and turned modern with button-less open sleeves these cardigans are now one of the most ‘IN’ thing and can be summed with either western or ethnic wear.


3. Flip ‘Flops’ for a Hit Look

Traveled on the sands of beaches and worked on all casual situations, flip flops are now directed their way to streets in a stylish way. On a pair of trousers they look trendy and can derive the roots of how to be simple though.


4. Leggings with a Little Pull up

You’re closet might have filled up with lots of old leggings but do you know how to bring a new flavor from them? Pull them a little up and keep some distance with your footwear, tada! now it’s great!



5. Swing it More

Despite the character Jessie from the film Ye Maya Chesave promoted the rage for leather sling bags, quite popular these days are subtle looking colorful swing bags. Wear and swirl in a stylish way with these sling bags collection. The smaller it is, the more stylish you can be.


6. Go Graceful with Lace-less Loafers

Making comfort as its companion loafers are reigning the rack of shoes then and now. Though they come without lace sure helps us walk with grace. They are friendly on shorts and mini/maxi skirts.


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