Drag Me To Pastel Colors


If you are ever ready to get decked up in some smooth, soothing and soft color clothes then go get blended with the essence of pastel colors and flaunt the baby side of you as they remind us innocence and purity of babies whenever we imagine. The sweetness of these colors is that they bring the feel of being delightful and lightweight in almost all the seasons despite winter gives a perfect time to strut in the pastel styles.

Baby blues, lavish lavenders, cotton candy pinks, salmon shades and what not! Almost all the pastel colors are replacing the traditional strong hues with their tender presence and receiving a steady mark of acceptance from almost all the people across the globe with no age and gender difference.


In order to get a breath of difference in the ocean of pastel hues, wrapping these milky colors with some accessories will accentuate the look. Match your dress with a belt and put your foot into a pair of contrast high heels or give your dress a momentum by emblazoning different types of floral prints over the material.

pastel3   pastels floral ezy

These frosty facets of regular colors descended in the closets of women are nothing short of stealing the sight of men too. From men’s shirts to tees, blazers to cardigans and trousers to shorts, the presence of these powdered colors is rapidly growing.

pastel men 2       pastel men

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