How to master in wearing faded and pale colors beautifully

As a fashion enthusiast you would tend to try out all the colors that fall in to the season despite the fact that the list is lined up even with some mundane colors. Though you don’t find any hassles in handling your favourite colors as you ever want to let it down, a cluster of things boggle your mind while your heart chooses a pale or a faded color as your mind have a thought that it ain’t easy to handle a color that intuitively don’t spark up the look.

Even if it feels hard on how to bring it to you initially, some superficial tips can get back your confidence on how to pull off the look greatly with pale colors.

Choose your lip color
The brightest source of color when you aim to accentuate your look with your dress is your lips. Make sure to pout lips only with fierce reds and candy pinks when your choice of dress is inked with pale colors like pale blue, green and peaches.


Cannes 2013 - Jeune Jolie Premiere

Bags to grab
To lift up life in the serious case of dull colors, bags have an attention grabbing role. Rather than seeking out for less lively yet thin bags, exclaim for sophisticated and look uplifting bold colored bags to uphold the attire.



Heels to fall for
The power of heel-ing your fear for wearing, an attire that might not help you pop out from the boring lot is relatively significant inorder to keep loving the attire more and more. While the dark colored heels and pumps work phenomenally with their anti colors, how could the pristine white take a back seat when it’s all about pairing with its besties?





Why Anamika Khanna is the most celebrated Indian designer?

Anamika Khanna label is a game changer in the fashion industry. Being the most-sought after designer of many celebrities, Anamika believes in the confluence of best of Indian textiles with fashionable western silhouettes and cuts. Her grip on subtle color palette and the fusion of western sensibilities to the Indian textiles made her flourish in the fashion industry.

She is the first female Indian fashion designer to exhibit her noteworthy collection at the Paris Fashion Week and the first Indian designer to have an international label called Ana Mika. She was awarded with various popular awards for her work that represented the beauty of India through the internationally acclaimed contours. Her name tops the designers list of those who thrived to reinvent the Indian ethnic wear that is desired to meet the pulse of this fashion generation. The results are outstanding – long capes, open-front jackets, draped skirts, dhoti pants, capes and lot more unpuzzled the serious case of future fashion.






Why Anamika Khanna is the designer of many celebrities?
As celebrities are synonymous to the latest fashion trends and tend to keep up with the spirit of ongoing trends, they always look for something unique to keep them elevated in the highly celebrated media world. As Anamika creations goes aptly with different occasions and gives the cutting edge appearance, divas like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and many others likely pick up Anamika designs quite often. Her extravagant creations are regularly seen wearing by celebrities at television shows, audio launch events, movie promotions events, birthday bashes, festive ceremonies etc.






One piece of clothing that works from board room to a party – Pleated skirt

As the season of parties and get-togethers are just around the corner, you must be spending some serious amount of time on creating your what to wear list.

While people with simple thoughts are on for etiquette holding attire and people with high standards for fashion are open to choose some dramatic silhouettes, the trendy girl is on the outlook to add a dose of trend and chic to her wardrobe and brought in metallic pleated skirts to the new fashion trend for the gloriously exotic look it delivers.

Not just cool the way it looks but the way one can pair it up with discrete top wear subject to the event to be stumble up on gives the real pleasure of wearing pleated skirts. From party to a movie preview to a boy friend’s birthday bash to a board meeting, pleated skirts are all you need to shine like a star in the sky.

How to wear them?



– Available in the popular metallic shades of gold, silver, green and grey, pleated skirts can be teamed up with pullovers for an offbeat look. Complete with a pair of sneakers for an edgy avatar.


Accompany your pleated skirt with a jacket or coat for a warm look in the cool winter. As the look combines both the worlds of comfort and style, you play safe in the fashion game.


– Pairing up pleated skirts with crop tops is a real fun as one can try out a wide range of crop tops while adding them to a unique partner ‘pleated skirt’.



– To give a rather androgynous look, denim shirts stands’ perfect. Washed shirts to prints emblazoned, denims are great to watch at any season for any reason.




– In addition to the above, styling pleated skirts is probably a sport for those who like to sport some bomber jackets in sequin and silk.


– To a short pleated skirt, adding tights serve the best possible cozy look. But make sure tights don’t outdo the skirt.


What to wear on the New Year party eve?

Are you a party freak and stealer of the show with your looks but confusion still tame your mind about what to wear for the much awaited New Year Party? As doors of the fashion always remain open to get the parties done right, you don’t have to worry, simply count on us if looking great on the New Year eve is on your yearend goals list.

Every Indian party either evidently shows off two fashion groups – While one group prefers to hang in with western wear, the other is always known to stick up to the ethnic side. Whatever the bevy of people you belong to, the revived styles in each category are bound to help you turn up the New Year eve a blast with the prevailing fashions of the season.

For the ethnic people
It’s way more tough for people with ethnic interest to come out from that scale as they are more likely to say no to look into the other side of the coin, western wear and alteast there should be a dash of ethnic grace even if it’s a call from the western period for them. To those, who can’t break their rule but want to make a point to the up to date fashion here is a list.


– Ikkat jackets are known for the comfort they bring along with the fineness in style. Their variation of long jackets can give you a killer look on this New Year eve.


– Raw silk slit kurtas with beneras pencil pants and a play of color blocking on the same note with designer jewellery adds a twist in your regular party route.


– Gown suits taking the internet crazily for the comfort and finish they are great at. A long lacy jacket over the attire pumps up the pleasure of partying in style.


– Shoulder highlighting designs or totally fashion forgotten colors like soft pern green and greys elevate you amongst a big party crowd.

For the western people

Gowns never go out of the fashion nor come back again, they merely gets revived according to the season and trend. So catch up a long gown that boasts the charm on your face.


The craziness that comes out by wearing rompers is hard to explain. They give the cool yet sophisticated look and gives you enough comfort to meet the edge of your party.


If short dresses extinct, remember parties will soon too out of the sight. Pick up a short dress but this time something different to spread your mark of style in the party environment. Go with black but make sure it has something interesting over it like beads or stone work etc.


Sparkle in style with sequin attire

As shimmery lipsticks and eye shadows taking the world of parties for the quick and easy shine they can spill out even at the last moment, they have become an indelible part of every party girl’s life. But how about the women who wants to be belle of the ball wherever she goes by exploiting some extra amount of glitz? Then we cite sequin embellished ensembles to standout from a bevy of beauties.

Besides adding high glamour quotient, sequin clothing adds that instant spark on your face which is rather tough to pull off through any lavish facepack. Above all it is highly recommended on the fashion scale to opt muted sequin dresses over too shimmery dresses to nail the look which apparently helps to avoid looking like a disco ball at parties.

Although age has nothing to do with the ensembles, sequin dresses stick to its rules of being different for different ages. Teenagers are looking for the multi facets of trendy sequin dresses whereas sarees and long frocks have become the choice of grownups.

Teenager’s choice of wearing sequins

From pantsuits to sequin skirts to collar infused professional look evoking blazer dresses, teenagers are on the vogue side when it’s about choosing sequin based attire.






Grownups choice of wearing sequins










Simple-holic? Pushpak Vimaan will be your next favourite brand


There is a category of people on this world, they are born to a state of being simple. Even the world is making loud noise with the exaggerating sartorial choices, they stay calm as they know how to mute the sound with an easy free flowing attire. They are simple, classy and yet behold worthy. They follow the tenet “Simple is beautiful” and their point is straight: pulling off the elite look that has layers of dignity and chirpiness. To give more attire choices for such people, some brands are rewriting their integral idea behind the brand whereas a few brands are freshly popping out in the market making simplicity as their brand’s image. Entered this game lately is Pushpak Vimaan, a brand with deep love for elegant and simple ensembles weighing offbeat silhouettes.

Their choice of light, delicate and fresh color palette, modish intricate embroidery, flowy cuts, alluring details, delicate layering and funky cartoon designs on a variety of clothes like peplums, long gowns, pencil skirts, tops, playsuits and jumpsuits and the overall sensitive look of the ensemble made the brand stand out from the others.












“I’m a monk myself, fashion is my religion”- Designer Madhu Verma.   Interview with Madhu Verma  

Interview with Madhu Verma, the man behind the brand ‘MONK’ 

A Hyderabad based young designer, Madhu Verma, beholds emotions’ and stores them with his forte of designing. He treats a human as a human, learns everyday and says it is learning that keeps him going successfully. His calculations about designing are rather different and take you to a new edge of fashion designing.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work 

Before am aware whether a thing called fashion designing do exist under the sky, I fell in love with clothes. My love for clothes started when I was a kid and it is the passion that always guided me to look for it. My life is bound to meet fashion designing and hence the designer in me transcended a stylist in me.

2. Who/what inspired you to come into this field?

I guess there is no particular thing that has its magic over me to become what am today but I could say television shows during 80s mark unique sense of fashion where artists were seen decking up in ensembles that had different cuts and silhouettes. Their dresses with huge puffs, jackets with high shoulders and collars impressed me well. Alongside, I’m more fascinated by Michael Jackson’s flashy attire.

 3. Who are your favourite designers and why?

Many influential labels including world’s prestigious label Christian Dior was seen changing with times but label by Carl Lagerfeld has remained a gem of the fashion industry as the designer is adapt at buoying his integral idea for fashion till date. His creativity and work abilities are admirable. His ideas still aid to forecast fashion trends. Alongside him, I also admire Alexander Mcqueen and John Galliano on the international graph and when it comes to India, Tarun Tahiliani and Gaurav Gupta are my favourite.

 4. What’s your favourite area of designing?

The label Monk is known for the aesthetic Indian attire whereas my strength lies in designing western clothes despite in India people’s love is entrenched in ethnic wear. I try to pull off the beauty underlies in the western wear and apply it to traditional wear. For me, silhouettes are way more important than embroideries, works or the bright color combinations.

5. How does the label monk has been started?

My creations are an ode to human emotions. Immensely fascinated by spiritual ideas and philosophy of India, I started depicting the same on my creations. I call myself as a monk and fashion is my religion. On the whole, the label got the name as a version of me. I tremendously influenced by the soul of India, culture, diversity and emotions and express them in the form of colors.

6. What advice will you give to young girls and boys who want to pursue their career in fashion designing?

Fashion designing is a glamorous and colorful world but not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things to focus! A fashion designer has to cope with million things to spurn up the route for a particular design, there are strict deadlines to meet, in few cases he even needs to forget about his personal life and sometimes it feels like jaded but trust me it’s extremely interesting and fun to be in this fascinating world.

7. How would you define your personal style?

I’m a deep rooted Indian and my personal style signifies the Indian sensitivities. Although the silhouettes are crafted with the inspiration from western, the color palette and fabric of the ensembles always sticks to desi India.

8. Currently what are the collections you are working on?

Given Indian fabrics like chanderis the contemporary silhouette structure and Indian detailing, we came up with a breezy collection of dresses, skirts, maxis and long dresses for summer and showcased on the line ‘MADBOB’ which I and my friend Poppy started together. Right after, overcoats, long dresses, short dresses and trench coats were racked up in the color black for the Halloween season.

9. What are some lessons you learnt since you started out designing?

People think one can sail over fashion designing world with good amounts of creativity and designing skills but despite the term fashion designing merely signifies designing clothes, it takes a lot including managing skills, marketing skills, convincing skills and more to sustain as a successful fashion designer in this cut-throat competition field.

10. Where do you get the inspiration when you thought to come up with next collection?

Art is something that evokes the creative senses in me and brews new ideas for any collection I do. Listening to music, keenly observing paints and sculptures, and trying to figure out the integral idea of them lets me stumble up on the emotions behind them and somewhere some emotion I get connect to and  sometime from then my mind instinctively able to exude my version of creativity.

11. Would you like to contribute any style tip to our readers?

Everyone has their own style and it’s necessary to identify yours to make a difference in the world. Today people are running after fashion but style speaks more than fashion. Fashion changes with time but style is eternal and it is what sets you apart. So break away the monotony of sticking to one side of fashion and try experimenting a lot and a lot to discover your personal style.