What’s that old technique we are in love lately?


Block printing, an ancient art that has got decades of history for its excellence in the textile industry defines the ethnic charm and subtle grandness all at once. It is almost happening everywhere all over the globe with having its fundamentals rooted in India. There are various states including West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat are practicing this art form and helping it from not joining the extinct arts list. While love for this art made rural artisans to perpetuate the legacy of sculpting diverse designs, their passion paved path for unusual designs as they are seen coming with innovative ideas that has the melange of contemporary flavour and Indian beauty.

Cotton, linen and silk being the major garments to weigh block prints earlier, the modern world has pushed the fabric limits out and welcomed georgette, chiffon and more. Though these prints have always been there in the fashion for ages now, the craze is soaring high in the modern times for the aesthetically fuller look it brings on. Basically confined to a range of sarees and lehengas, now block prints is a major companion for kurtis, kurtas, short dresses, croptops, peplums and many other indo western and western wear. Especially the raise of block prints over indigo color reigning the fusion wear and settled out as every modern women’s love.






indigo6 bp9


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