Exploit the power of Indigo blue

One electrifying color the world is running behind, indigo blue is the new black that has got the power in pushing anyone wearing this into limelight. It has become a part of everyone’s life these days and yeah all of us like to have atleast one piece in this color. If you have noticed, the stringent look evoking indigo blue greatly topped on the modern fashion shunning everything behind and the obsession is still on the flames that even sobriety couldn’t help in weaning off ourselves from picking just one or two indigo blue ensembles.

Got its name from the Indian indigo plant, this trend succumbing color takes the credit in introducing the world what dyeing is. As it intrinsically holds the striking power and royalty together at a high pace, day to day increase in the production of it can be seen across the world. Especially designers with offbeat take on handlooms are exploiting the beauty of indigo across various creations they are making. From the classic Indian ethnic wear like indigo blue sarees and indigo blue kurtis to the new age fashion choices indigo blue dresses, the color remains strong and betting competition high while going well with the contrast colors mustard, white and red to name a few.

indigo3 indigo2

Indigo blue dresses

indigo5  indigo1

Indigo blue kurtis

 indigo7 indigo6

Indigo blue sarees


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