Wearing ikkat is now fun, check how?

From the sustainable feather touch fabric to the sensitive eye capturing look, Ikkats have always been treating people who have love for handlooms and are inevitably joined the race of the contemporary fabrics list. Though ikkats were seen limiting themselves only to sarees and salwar suits earlier, now their loud come back through heavy take on western wear and their substantial evolution with time by taking the most feasible formats of dresses, tunics, capes, anarkali jackets and ethnic jackets brightened its role in the modern age. Let’s see how you can wear ikkat in a variety of styles.

Ikkat dresses are one of the most sought after pieces from the ikkat collection in the recent past. The way they add ethnically sophisticated charm to the wardrobe is what made every girl to fall for it. Team up a dress with a pair of white sneakers and minimum jewellery to pull that bohemian vibe.




Welcoming the ethnic ease is not really tough if you’ve got a geometric printed ikkat jacket that works on any regular tee or kurtis. The look will be so fantastic that drifting eyes from your look to another seems complex.



You won’t be any more ready to pick something else once if you have clad in ikkat jumpsuit as the comfort it brings is equal to the level of beauty it churns out.



Ikkats when worn with the combination of Silver jewellery outputs’ a casual yet charming look. So, bring in the art of mixing some easy going silver jewellery to your ikkat wear.




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