Interview with Designer Indu Vishwanath Singh

“The charm exuding royal textiles of India which are known to be as our pride, neither go out of the fashion nor come in. In love with those indelible textiles of India, we started turning out ourselves as revivalists and are aiming to bring back the same class and style which was there during the time of Mughals and royal India,” says designer Indu Vishwanath Singh. Know more about her label ‘Indu’, her interests and her dreams right here…..


1. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

“I’m Indu Vishwanath Singh and our label Indu is specialized in offering royal textiles across Mumbai and Hyderabad with the production unit at Mumbai. We offer customized bridal wear and trousseau for both men and women and our endeavour is to revive the forget-me-not textiles of South Indian silks like Bangalore silks, Mysore silks and more that are known in turning India, a royal India.”

2. Who/what inspired you to come into this field?

My inspiration to become a fashion designer has its roots back to my childhood as I started learning fine arts since the age of 3 and my mentor’s impact who’s a background and fashion designer has always been there on me. Alongside these, the most celebrated painter of India, Raja Ravi Varma, who incorporated a variety of Indian textiles into his paintings, has hugely inspired me to research over Indian textiles and to become a fashion designer.

3. Share something about your background…

Born and brought up at Dubai, I came to Pune, India to pursue my studies in fashion designing and successfully graduated from Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). Thereafter, I luckily got the chance to work with India’s most popular designers Manish Malhotra and Rocky S from whom I’ve garnered some imperative and radical fashion designing principles.

4. What were the problems you confronted as a budding fashion designer?

It’s not as simple surviving in the fashion industry as everyone thinks, it takes a lot of hard work to get through. Problems generally pop up related to technical or textile. Outright, it’s not about getting problems but how to come out twists the entire game.

5. How do you stay upto date to trends? 

In this fast paced technology evolution world, not just about raging trends but getting information about anything has become much easier. We can check out things as swift as we want to. For the label Indu, More than running after trends, retaining the same classic look which was there during the times of Mughals and royal India is imperative and we work towards reviving the classical collection of India without losing its originality.

6. Would you like share any tip that you had received from a designer? 

While I was interning with fashion designer Anudh Sharma, I learnt many things as a fashion designer in the making. I got a pearl of speech that “fashion is not just a glam world and what all it takes to become a good fashion designer is hardwork”, I can always remember this…

7. Which designer’s collection catches your attention? 

There are couple of designers I would say whose designs are really impressive and inspiration worthy. While working with Manish Malhotra, I had a clear picture of how much he love designing and how aesthetically he pulls off brilliant creations. You can even get to know about the fact that how thick is his bond with designing as he’s always seen working/ thinking or motivating about designing.

8. What’s your favourite area of designing? 

I just love to design Indian costumes like sarees and lehengas as am so passionate royal Indian textiles. Other than Indian wear, I don’t think ink on my pen flows quite well.

9. What are happening trends in the Hyderabad city?

Coming innately with great factors like comfort, wearability and great look, Palazzos pants with kurtas are a prevailing trend now and in Hyderabad, you can see everywhere women wearing them.

10. How Indu’s bride is different from other designer’s brides’? 

During the ancient Mughal and Rajput era, what we used to have are hand spun fabrics incorporated with hand embroidery and today, it is the same royalty we are bringing to our clientele. You don’t find any machine spun material or machine based work in our creations. Every design comes from label Indu is totally handmade and a treasure to keep.

11. What are three wardrobe essentials every woman should own? 

The role of saree is getting wider and wider and it is something every Indian woman should have in her wardrobe. Always try to have a black saree, kanjeevaram red saree and a turmeric yellow one.

12. Would you like to contribute any style tip to our viewers?  

It’s every girl’s dream to look great on her wedding day but someone’s recipe of looking good may not work on you. So, while picking up your ensembles, make sure you will be comfortable in it as comfort is a real big factor that can either make or break your look.




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