Thinking about capes? Think about Ridhi Mehra

If there is a list framed out from designers with strong love for vintage color palette, Ridhi Mehra straight away tops the list as this Delhi based designer knows how to make the underrated colors charm with her flouncy style, intricate embroidery and romantic cuts.
Her state of designing pays homage to Indian crafts and heritage though the influences of European and Parisian culture adds a unique style statement to the garment and woos ladies desperately. On the list of celebs who were smitten by her collection and joined are Samatha, Kajal Agarwal and Ileana to name a few. But do you know what’s that one attribute all these celebs are  loving from Ridhi Mehra’s collection? It’s capes! The young designer whet her experiments and is successful in carving capes across a wide variety of garments.
Be it cape shirt, cape lehenga, demi-cape blouse, demi-cape jumpsuit or
cape top with crop top & pants, the royal aesthetic can be seen in every cape creation. Alongside the clean roomy look, capes are popular for their flowy structure and wavy moves. On a mood to flounce?

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