Interview with fashion designer Sony Reddy

Entertained us as a child artist with movies Shiva, Indrudu Chandrudu and more with her intuitive talent, Sony Reddy now is a designer every lady wants to get wrapped in her creations. She knows how to juggle up colors and carve out a delightful creation, how to keep up the magic of trends on her attire and how to customize clothes according to customers choice. Indeed, there is a lot more to know about designer Sony Reddy.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

With over 350 stage performances as a classical dancer in my childhood, I came close to many people and through acting in movies like Indhrdu Chandhrudu, Shiva, Neku Naku Pellanta, I got into the line of art and creativity and from which I was back as a young designer through creativity and designing skills.

 2. How would you describe your design style? 

I’m into Western wear, ethnic wear and contemporary. Relying on the requirement of the customers I customize designs for them.

3. Since how long you have been designing and what inspired you to enter into this field?

I have been into this field of designing since 8 years. When I was a child my mother used to deck me up in the attire with matching accessories to that tone she was one of my greatest inspirations and I personally took inspiration from me in becoming a designer more.

4. Which things give you inspiration while creating designs?

Fashion designing is a platform that brings different elements in the world together. Under ocean, nature, people and what not, everything gives a dose of inspiration to me to come up with a variety of designs. Also, seasons have a great impact on my creations and ofcourse sewing ideas and thoughts of clients in to the attire is a radical thing.

 5. How do you stay upto date to trends?

My only mantra about trends is “Do not follow a trend, create it”. Chasing latest trends that are prevailing in the market and rushing to put them over may not answer all your queries of looking at your best. Remember the golden rule “Look for something that works for you and go with it”

6. You have designed clothes for celebs. What did you keep in mind while designing for them?

It doesn’t make a great difference when designing for a celebrity over a normal person as I want even a normal person to feel and look like a celeb when they are in my creations. Nonetheless, while creating attire for celebs, I make sure they are in a right fitted ensemble and they are outstanding in a crowd through wearing something different that haven’t been unveiled in the market.

7. Any challenge you are facing in your profession and how you overcome that?

There might not be any field without any challenge and in the ground of fashion designing it’s a wee bit heavy. We experience watching our hardwork getting easily replicated by others. Sometimes it would be someone who promotes our creations on their name. However, growing to a position where others are taking references from my designs flaunts a positive dimension in the plot.

8. Would you like to give any advice for budding fashion designers?

There is no such rule that people who are aspiring to become fashion designers are in a need to wear themselves with fashion designing courses. If you are experiencing those creative vibes within you that may lead you to fashion designing, just go with all your will power. Believe your basic instincts and strive for your dream.

 9. What are some wardrobe essentials every woman should own?

Parties and ceremonies are around the corner no matter which season you are in, to be belle of the ball in the parties with less effort try to get a plain anarkali and complement with designer banaras, ikkat or digital print dupattas for the enthralling feminine look. Make sure you have a black saree in your wardrobe and who said your wardrobe is complete without it?

10. What has been your biggest professional success?

I started as a retailer but I wasn’t able to sever my relation with my creativity, sharpened my pencil and started sketching, honed my designing skills, and since then I’m creating designs and now they are becoming globally famous too. Alongside participating in the fashion shows and offering the best of my talent to celebs all propelled my work towards the way of success.

11. Describe your love for ethnic wear

Ethnic wear carries the heritage of India and holds a whole lot of positive vibe. If I have a choice to choose from designing western or ethnic, I evidently goes with designing ethnic wear. I love designing ethnic wear.

12. Would like to contribute any style tip to our viewers?

All the brides out there, please choose from darker colors rather than going with pastel and cool colors on your big day. Better remember, looking elegant doesn’t means wearing a lot of heavy jewellery, when you are taking care of a heavy attire, make your jewellery stay simple and vice versa.













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