These designers will show you how to drape elegance with simple floral sarees

There is no such time where florals derailed from the track of fashion as they are powerful and also popular in giving a commanding appearance. While some seasons are considered too perfect to wear floral sarees, every now could be the best time as the Indian designers are crafting romantic silhouettes with floral designs with the contemporary touch on the overall look.

Designers including Sabyasachi, Payal Singal and Vani Anand are in the top for bringing grandness to women and also for evoking new dimension of beauty in ‘her’. On this way while we are totally going crazy to own atleast one, designers are using their acumen in taking the floral designs to the next level of coveted ensembles.

Not to mention, Bollywood was head-over heels in love with Sabyasachi floral designs. Do you remember how Deepika Padukone’s turquoise saree weighing blossoming flowers recreated the Bollywood style?



Designer Payal Singal is list-worthy in the floral saree designers for her flawless single-direction sarees with classic blouse that sets everything out from the line-old. You would be never bored off to carry these casual classics for your day out.



With over 10 years of experience in crafting the beauty on sarees, Designer Vani Anand gives the flower happiness with the fusion of sensitive color saree with contrast color blouse. Women falling for simple yet age old dramatic classy look can hook themselves with her designs.




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