Interview with fashion designer Raj Agarwal

With fashion dreams all over his mind and entrenched passion to create new trends, Raj Agarwal had joined the department of fashion since many years and has now become a fashion designer with his name known for trending bridal trousseau and heavy lehengas and blouses. Let’s dive into the insight of his life…..


1. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

I always have love for fashion since my childhood and even when I was a kid I couldn’t able take off of my interest towards fashion and the love is keep on growing with me which has made me to complete my graduation in fashion designing at Little Flower college followed by joining Hamstech to further treat my interest towards fashion.

2. Who/what inspired you to come into this field?

Having the textile background, most of my days witnessed the keywords including attire, textile, color combinations and the like a lot and it could be the reason why fashion has entrenched all over my mind and heart. Especially, the impact I got from my mother inspired me to love the subject ‘eternal fashion’. She used to bring together the best color combinations and textures perfectly and was able to churn out new creations every time a customer enters our store.

3. Share something about your background…

Basically, I’m from a textile background. My father is having over 30 years of experience in dealing with fabrics and textiles. On the other side, my mother has immense interest towards creating new designs according to the customer’s choice. She indeed caught the pulse of customers by introducing Dilshuk nagar market some famous mirror and pearls work, which was the prevailing trend of that generation and of-course the all time favorite maggam work.

4. How do you stay up to date regarding the trends?

On the way towards catering to the fashion needs of the people with different types of tastes, we follow a series of principles among which staying up to date with trends is a joyous part. We keep on experimenting with the new designs and fabrics alongside having a perpetual eye on the trends that are stirred up by the greatest designers of the world to make sure we are ready to offer variety of designs according to the customer’s mind.

5. How would you describe your design style?

Most of the designs pertains to Balaji Designers resonates about the architectural style of the Pink city ‘Jaipur’. We observe almost everything in Jaipur including paintings, walls, architecture etc and try our best to keep the soul of the Jaipur in our collection. Alongside, when it comes to pattu and other heavy pattu, pochampally and ikat sarees, it’s conservative to have the floral touch up of mangoes, lotus and the like.

 6. What were the problems you confronted as a budding fashion designer?

Which designs works’ well with which kind of fabrics and whether the total product is in compliance with the trends of the season or not and some similar questions used to throw me down to a lane of confusion and toughness during initial days of my designing. Even though, I gradually started learning things by working vigorously on umpteenth number of experimental designs through which I have strongly secured my fashion designer chair today.

7. An advice you wish had received when you started out as a designer?

When I started my career as a fashion designer, I was reluctant over taking new job opportunities with some reputed designers of the city with a thought that working for other designers may take away time to work on my own designs but the real truth is that working under the guidance of the versatile designers helps us learn the acumen in that field in contrary to wasting many years in the process of self-learning.

8. What has been your biggest professional success?

We have been offering our designs for some eminent personalities of the Hyderabad city and other cities in a consecutive manner. In addition, we recently performed at Hyderabad Wedding Fashion Tour sponsored by Kalamandir in which our collection was reckoned as the best collection.

9. Which aspects of other designers’ collection catch your attention?

We are great admirers of internationally renowned fashion designers like Masaba Gupta, Sabyasachi, Shravan Kumar and others and for those who want their attire to come out with a flavour from their favourite designer designs, we are ready to customize things according to their way. For instance, if a customer wants us to pepper some Masaba prints, we blend that aspect with our own designing formula.

 10. Describe your typical day as a designer

Every day of mine is a roller coaster ride with lots of things bundled up; dealing with wedding clientele, overseeing the work how it’s going for the pre-ordered designs, what has to be designed in the next moment all together fits in my day so tightly but with the compliments I receive from customers, all my daily heck flew away and importantly, while I’m imminent to sleep, I feel so satisfied and tell myself “yeah! I do my profession what I love”.

11. Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

I would like to see myself as one of the best fashion designers for blouses and lehengas in the South Indian market. On this moment, I would like to thank my mother, workers, staff and clientele for supporting me through out and helping me in reaching towards my dream.

12. Would you like to contribute any tip to our viewers/readers

As this season is purely Ramadan, I would like to give a tip accordingly. For men, kurtas with pyjamas and kurtas with sadris and patialas go totally very well. In contrary to the routine, try hooking up with florescent colors like lemon yellow, peach blue and peach orange for that festive yet decent look and when it comes to women, Pakistani and Karachi suits are stirring a lot of buzz, alongside these try the prevailing digital printed sarees to carry elan and class.












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