Let’s talk about sleeves

There might be millions of ideas that can save a dress from not joining the department of old fashioned and if you’ve tried enough of the possible ways to keep the dress trending yet classy but failed to refrain it from moving out of your radar? then following the sleeves theory may help your dress stay alive for a good time.

According to the theory of sleeves, sleeves of many kinds may manifest in the future based on the trends and comfort but what kind of sleeves work on what matters the most as sleeves can either make or break your total look. So choose your sleeves cleverly and here are some trending sleeve types ready to join your wish list to give you that additional moment of attention from the world.

Flared sleeves are truly taking the most fashionable places like red carpets and launches these days for the blooming out and voluminous sleeve look it delivers.
Look how Deepika Padukone has wrapped it and made the look way more stylish and unique. Alongside check her bell sleeves too in the pic2.




In no time Roll up sleeves have got immense craze from people of different walks of life, everyone here and there are flaunting their roll up sleeves which has likely become a proud element of the attire.



Royalty is towards your way and lot closer to you with the leg of mutton sleeve patterns that were born with the efficiency of showing any attire classically chic and distinct.




Irrespective of the generations and trends, puff sleeves always tops the list of cuteness pouring sleeves and have you ever wondered how a simple puff sleeved blouse could able to change the entire game of your fashion?




Do you know what the best part of Raglan sleeves is? they give the dress a complete official look but take no credits. They are simple, subtle and trendy.





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