Why the fashion brand ‘Quench’ is under our radar?


If you are in the quest to quench your thirst for fashion which is an amalgamation of contemporary chic and ethnic essence, then Quench is your perfect destination to heal all those past wounds of fashion where you couldn’t have a better way to show you up brighter and bigger.

The label calls all the contemporary women around the world to feel the fearless version of them with the confidence boosting attire that is handmade with nurture and passion. Divided love into two compartments for the fashion fanatics as ‘The Grey Matter’ and ‘The Abandoned Garden’, Quench is your new wardrobe friend to ignite your crush on eternal classic collection. While ‘The Grey Matter’ of the brand propels you to look official yet casual, the florals and amazing silhouettes from ‘The Abandoned Garden’ is reminiscent of the beautiful holidays of a lifetime.

Whatever you choose from the collection, every pick weighs the common factors scintillating simplicity, classical ethnicity and subtle glow without having the nook of flowing oil on the dress that flaunts copious shine. In addition to it, the grandness is always carried away by the brand with its all time functional floral prints, summer comfying handlooms and breezy textures.

….and hence it’s the time for LoveQuench.














Img credits: Quench


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