Interview with fashion designer Raghu Ram Raju

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a pile of royal attire falls down when you quick open your wardrobe doors and shows you shining all the way with the glitter from the attire? Not just in dreams but it happens in your real life too, if you could list yourself among the Regal Armoire clients. Regal Armoire, located at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is a royal promise in creating a classic definition for you. shook hands with Regal Armoire team and here is what you should know about the head fashion designer of this fashion house, Raghu Ram Raju.


1. Could you please tell us something about yourself?

“I’m the managing director and head designer at Regal Armoire. Completed my graduation at one of the most renowned fashion colleges, NIFT, I’ve constructed thoughts to come up with a brand two years back and Regal Armoire is the output of it. Maintaining it with the partnership of my batch mate Ramya who is also a head designer, Regal Armoire offers a spectacular range of ensembles that fits perfectly in the wardrobes of people looking for exclusive royal collection.”

2. Which designers do you admire the most?

“In this countless designers having world, internationally, I admire Alexander McQueen and when it comes to India, Tarun Tahiliani and Sabyasachi are my favourite designers.”

3. Who/what inspired you to dive into this field?

In the college days, we saw ourselves creating a trend with the costumes we designed for us. Indeed, the latent desire to come up with new designs and collection that we couldn’t find anywhere else in the world and also at any prevailing brands pushed us to come up with a brand that holds a ray of impeccable new trend.

4. Can you please explain how Regal Armoire has been started?

With a notion to offer highly impressive yet intriguing attire to people who want to appease their royal senses, Regal Armoire has been started in the year 2014. Many names were passed through our minds when we thought to come up with a brand but finally stopped by ‘Regal Armoire’ which is an integration of Latin word Regal which means royal and French word Armoire which defines a large wardrobe.

5. How would you describe your design style?

The style that pops out from uniqueness is what Regal Armoire hooks to. Every design crafted here exemplifies itself as an eclectic one as it weighs a different design, embellishment, silhouette and pattern, and also each creation undergoes a lot of processes and unique techniques before coming one. With these specialties, client of Regal Armoire stands out in a crowd and no two designs from us are same until unless they are picked up from the same collection.

6. What has been your biggest professional success?

We are enjoying every day as a successful day with different clients, new designs and our work. However, we have to mention about a person who came to our store to get a stain problem solved and become a part of our esteemed clientele right after trying our collection and this explains it all…

7. What is the fashion tip you might have missed?

Missing connection between practicality and reality is what a young designer confronts when he/she is just out of the gates of the college. There is a need to improve the efficiency to access reality while working on theories. Every sketched raw design may or may not be functional and all these questions are answered while catering to the needs of clients.

8. How do you stay up to date regarding trends?

Fashion inclines to many angles under the roof of Regal Armoire. We never set limits to our customers who want us to sew their ideas on creations. Alongside, we emphasize on new designs that are not in the market by doing background work on a series of aspects like trend forecasting, color forecasting, fashion and western style forecasting to keep every customer standout and look unique.

9. Describe a typical day in your life as a fashion designer

Though it sounds our everyday is typical, it is so refreshing with our favourite elements ‘fashion’ and ‘designing’. Our day starts with thinking about designing and ends up with the same. Meeting clients, discussing about designs, procuring materials and overseeing how the work is going on all finishes off our day well.

10. Would you like to contribute any style tip to our readers?

Summer brings us a lot including the confusion, what to wear out. If you are clueless, pick up blues. Any shade of blue has a promise to elevate you high in the bright summer. As the sun rays are yellow, blue incontrast to it works perfect and makes you look cool in a hot day.



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