We are crushing on these floor length jackets. Are you?


What if every inch of an attire has the prowess to turn you look like an imperial queen, every additional thread sewed into it can make you powerful to defeat all the fashion rules and ‘it’ is all you want this season to swept away the fashion dots of past? Well, what is this attire and why we are boasting about it? It is floor length jacket which is making every possible moment a dainty moment with its perfect eye capturing look.

Extending the ethnic charm with the infusion of modern sensibilities in the Indian attire, designers hit the ramp with this trend called lengthy flowing jackets that are so pretty to wear and perfect to paint glow and style in any occasion easily. These long length jackets is a prevalent trend now and go well sumptuously with skirts, trousers, lehengas and palazzos. There is no doubt they are high chic evolving and have already proved their success through strong and consistent survival.

While many designers are awe struck with these heavy aesthetic filled jackets, designer Anitha Dongre is packing her love and passion in making a meticulous collection of jackets that are fun to wear and high on duty. Why wait? Come and get immersed in the lengthy awesomeness of florals, digital designs, jaipur inspired designs and lot more.








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