These 4 emerging designers are mastering in creating wearable uniqueness

Today’s fashion designers are taking the charge of breaking away the stereotypes that are entrenched in the fashion world with their igniting passion to paint the globe with the colors of uniqueness. Beginning from the choice of elements they curate to sewing on the attire to their mind filled inspirations, they are almost looking for uniqueness and it can never be separated from their collection.

Here are note worthy fashion designers who are manipulating the trends and styles in the fashion world.

Swati Kalsi

Swati Kalsi’s intact tenet is to revive handcrafted textiles of artisans with the edge of contemporary designs and craft. Her acclaimed work took the wardrobe space of eminent national and international collectors and artists. While it is tradition that crawls over the designs, the equal touch of modern art on her designs keeps her separate from the rest.

Swati also took part in a programme called ‘Jiyo’ where she gave her skills and talent highest levels of fervour by working with artisans who are working on women’s embroidery traditions.



Reach her through
VERB by Pallavi Singhee

Pallavi Singhee breathe life into her collection through the evocative aspects; breezy freshness, lady like textures, intricate embroidery and classic applique touch. Stirs mist mostly with neutral and dark shades, Pallavi is committed to come up with designs that are impressively unique, bold and alluring. Above all, tuning every design into a piece of art that doesn’t mimics the other states the true mark of her success.




Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti

Taking birth with the sensibilities of a glass, creations by Shruti Sancheti are divine classics of traditional India that echoes the next level of aesthetic Indian weaves. They fit perfect in closets of people with the desire to wear traditional attire that has subtle charm of sensuality. In addition to redefining the regal attire, Shruti also make sure her collection to be a long lasting magic in the minds of people with her distinctive style and class.



Check her at ‘Pinnacle by Shruti Sancheti’, a ready-to-wear label
Bodice by Radhika Sachdeva
The lavish side of the elegant apparel weighing barely a slice of boyish style, Bodice by Radhika frames her fashion through basic elements of causality and comfort rather than taking a deep dig into trends. Exclusivity of androgynous element to the comfort guarantee Bodice clothes, makes any girl in this brand a fun seeking happy one.


de4 de2


Reach her through


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