Spice up your style with Maang Tikka


If there is one jewellery piece that can turn any women beautiful yet traditional, it must be a Maang Tikka, without doubts. A gigantic one or merely a string filled with pearls has the power to turn up the elegant side as it adds a special charm to the face. Unlike days of past where it shines only in wedding events, now-a-days it has omnipresent and making grand appearance in almost every occasion irrespective of the type and size. In wedding, sangeeth, mehandi, birthday or in a dinner party, weighing a Maang Tikka not only shines you more brighter but keeps you out stand from the crowd.

To get fit into the current trends, changes must be incorporated, though it is an ear stud or a Maang Tikka. With the accelerated changes, these definitely beauty evoking Maang Tikkas are coming even gorgeous and leaving us tough to take them out after party.

As there are many varieties of Maang Tikkas emerging out daily, your head might pops out a question what works best on what. If this is a problem turning you down, here are celebs to help you out in picking up a right one that churns out wow.













Image Source: a-wedding-planner.blogspot.com


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