Are you ready for the next version of sarees?

There is nothing till now stand in the race to win over sarees as the elegance it brings to a women always ranges between exceptional to great depending up on the occasion it takes. Their age may be immemorial but never struck in the same room of style or look, they always made their presence working to the generations through the weaves that crafted them young, fresh and sophisticated.

Here is a range of sarees from variety of designers’ falls into the category called For The Contemporary Women

Payal Khandwala
Payal Khandwala is one among those designers who created a mystic magic with tradition and style. She fusion things with utmost care right from the top to bottom to show how the women is really beautiful in six yards. She is also known for a chirpy try that combined shirt and saree which goes well on working women.


Abraham & Thakore
Abraham & Thakore saree collection talks about the genius presentation of metallic and earthy colors in an aesthetic way. There is no denial that you douse in huge difference when you drape in Abraham & Thakore’s sarees.


Anavila Misra
The innocent hue that creates traditional silhouettes makes a mark for Anavila Misra linen sarees. Her creations are subtle, ethnic and fits exact in the wardrobe of those who want beauty without the addition of too much glitter.


Arjun Saluja
When the metallic shades are garnered to steal the show then they are Arjun Saluja’s sarees. The gamut is spell binding and matches to the tastes of people who want to shape up their presence to be divine through sarees.



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