Interview With Fashion Designer Architha Narayanam

A self-taught designer making things to her heart content, Architha Narayanam is a Hyderabad based fashion designer started breathing with the clothes since she found her interest is in fashion. She started designing when she was a teen and now has successfully topped the best list of fashion designers in the Hyderabad city with her inevitable love towards fashion. With the motto “making women more beautiful”, Architha has become the name for ethnic fashion by catering ethereal collection that includes sarees, lehanga cholis, kids wear and many more.


Check out this acclaimed designer’s interview below:

  1. Who/what inspired you to dive into this field?

 The answer for this question can be retrieved from my childhood memories as when I was a child, I still remember how reluctant I was in getting clothes from stores, I don’t like them. But things turned interesting with ensembles that were stitched by a tailor who followed designing instructions of me. Since then, my fancy for designing has been growing along with me.

  1. What is fashion in your perspective?

Fashion should be something that land people into one’s own comfort zone. It ain’t merely about the shine and glitter bursts out from clothes where as the inner confidence and the way a person carry her ensembles makes the point.

  1. What is your passion?

If you’re passionate about what you are doing, you never see yourself turning weary and this is what I learnt from my love towards designing though I’m totally busy engaging with clients and churning out new designs each and every day.

  1. Which designer’s collection catches your attention?

I’m fond of Sabyasachi designs and he is one of the finest designers we have in the fashion industry. His designs are great and truly compelling.

  1. How do you stay up to date regarding trends?

If a person has love towards what she is making, there is no need to sit and plot ideas as her mind is always intertwined with the related things and helps in bringing up new creations whenever she connects to a moment or an idea. It is the same in my case, I don’t Google or search for trends and ideas that are buzzing in the industry where as I come up with designs that hit my mind.

 FullSizeRender (2)

  1. What has been your biggest professional success?

We are the official partners of IIFA Utsavam awards 2016 and this achievement has really added another feather to the hat.

  1. Where do you see yourself in a couple of years?

I’m elated to be in this journey of making the beautiful women more beautiful with creations and styles. In the forthcoming years, I wish the count I stylize would increase alongside rise in the participation of exhibitions and fashion shows.

  1. Share something about your upcoming collection

Right now we are working on shades of peaches, yellows and powder blues, and are close enough to come up with designs in off white, gold and black with the team up of oranges and royal blues.

  1. What do you think have changed fashion over the years?

Fashion and styles keep on rotating, the styles once turned old are now taking the space of latest collection with their potential comeback. Banarasi and jacquard reigned in the times of kings and again now they got immense craze. Fashion keeps coming back but without missing modern touch and feel.

  1. What are your greatest strengths?

I always stay recharged with the response received from my clientele. They are my strength-fillers and there is no need to mention how supporting my family and friends are.

  1. Would you like to contribute any style tip to our readers?

Make your everyday count with the essence of fashion. Don’t deck up yourself just for a party or an event but keep yourself looking chic all the time even with wee bit styling tips and care.

IMG_6405FullSizeRender (3)


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