Wear a single white tee in many colors of style

Wearing a white tee is always like tapping a fun note. Whether it is a cloudy winter morning, fiery summer afternoon, rainy evening or a fickle climate night, a single white tee can handle it all strongly. No no, it doesn’t mean your friends will be bored of watching when you descended the party road with the same white tee as the power of transformation changes the cards (always a lucky card for you).


Wear it on a maxi skirt (Look 1)
A long lengthy skirt out from prints, florals, graphics or even if from a smooth plain texture never so say no to be a companion with white tee and of course, points of glamour are just around you.


Extension 1
An addition of a denim jacket to the look 1 is a way of integrating a climate change. Leave it alone for summer but pack a jacket for snow blanketed winter.


Extension 2
A vest can keep everyone’s mouth at rest. For the look 1, team up a vest and bring that chic you always like to shove.


With a knee length skirt (Look 2)
What all it takes for a knee length skirt to look amazing and chic? It’s just one piece, one white tee and a tendency of interest to make it up great. You can swap knee length skirt with a mini skirt too.


Extension 1
Add on a bright color plunging neckline sweater to the look 2 and embellish with a long chain having giant pendant.


With denim jeans (Look 3)
Everyone’s closet staple, denim jeans when teamed up with a white tee gets real meaning for its existence. The rocking look has been in the books of fashion since ages and perhaps would never extinct.


Extension 1
Team up a blazer of your interest – a zara structured one or a biker jacket will also go easy on it.

unnamed (2)

Extension 2
Adding a sheer button down top to a white tee is a good move in the game of fashion to express your voice for style.

With denim shorts (Look 4)
Here is the coolest look. A white tee with a pair of denim shorts. It’s cute, comfy and trendy.


Similar to look 3 extensions, you can add blazer, jacket or a pastel hue cardigan to look 4 to fill up the fashion gaps.


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com


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