4 Trending Necklaces To Forge Friendship With

Necklaces never lost their lustre of being in the must-haves list of women since time immemorial. Our grandmothers wore it with grace, our mothers watched out as an integral part in the beauty kit and the current generation is taking pride in using them as a fashion accessory by teaming them up with a wide range of ensembles. Here is a list of necklaces that have become wide popular now-a-days with their significant aspect of style.

Lariat Necklace
Your tees might wonder about a new entry, a Lariat necklace. It is a perfect companion for the plunging neckline apparel. Be a dress or a tee. As the power of this necklace lies with its factor of simplicity, it’s a no entry board for all other bling when Lariant is ON.

Though Hollywood celebs are fronting in the Lariant usage so often, Bollywood and other industry celebs are also turning their eyeballs with a desire to get it.

la lariat

Choker Necklace
It is grandeur of the choker necklace making it relive for years and years. Choker has been in the trend since decades and has seen no clue of dropping out from necks and also from buzz. With changes in its material usage it is going a long way, pearls and gold are often in the usage during past and now it’s the talk about gemstones, diamonds and gold.

chok choker
Pendant Necklace
Looks so simple but completes the overall look is a pendant necklace. They work well on any variant of garment and season. From simple stones to heavy stones cluttered one, wearing a pendant necklace is a clever act to match with style and fashion.

pend pend1
Layered necklace
Get a layered necklace from the market and pair it up on tees, one piece dresses and tank tops or churn out a new layer pattern by blending various necklaces with a choice of layering. Layering necklaces needs no prior experience of being a fashion designer but a notch about it finishes it off.

last last1

Image Source: http://www.tumblr.com


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