Royal dressing styles of Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani


The epic love story based film Bajirao Mastani which is set to permeate the world within two months has brought a glimpse of story with its trailer and we all went gasped with the grandeur and royalty wafted from it since the film pertains to centuries back love story of peshwa and warrior princess – the characters which are being portrayed by Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

Ranveer Singh will appear as peshwa while Deepika Padukone creates treat to eyes with her mastani named warrior princess role. Dressed up in Anju Modi’s designer costumes, graceful Deepika has already reinstated life to the mastani role and is giving tough waiting hours to get the most of her look.

dep4 dep3

According to sources, for designer Anju Modi, designing mastani costumes isn’t an errand as there are no much references for her to construct styles apart from only one source of image that the team had in their research. Based on the single image, Anju Modi created looks of Deepika that are clear in-detail when it comes to costumes, jewellery and other accessories. “We’ve added many muslim ghararas and shararas to the mastani character to get the authentic vibe of the character” said the designer.

Mastani is a brave and courageous warrior princess and her costumes to nose ring to mandolin to turban, everything speaks about her uniqueness and the royalty that women carry during previous centuries.


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