The nerd look guide is out. Get the look in minutes

Whether or not a nerd, getting hands on the nerd fashion has become one significant thing listed over the fashion freaks wishlist. It might have been decried by fashion people of previous decades but is getting a trendy welcome from the current generation. Not so intricate to bag the look but for being upright in the nerd fashion, there are some rules to follow.

Important Rule

One rule you have to come across while adopting a nerd look is getting fitted in a pair of oversized glasses. Whatever you do to look nerdy can go diluted if the overall makeover kit doesn’t hold glasses like horn rimmed.



Another One

The next big thing that can take over the overall look is a combo of shirt and trouser. Look for a long sleeves shirt, a plaid shirt or a stripped one and pair it up with jeans.


Make it to the core

Layering with cardigan, hooded sweater or blazer over the shirt help the look meet its real tenet. A button up cardigan over a plaid shirt or a sweater over polo can pulls off the major part of the nerdy look.



Make Noticeable

Don’t leave legs in joining the conversation about the nerd style – fill those legs with converse sneakers, boat shoes or shoes that accentuate nerdom


Maintain A Difference

You can find a bunch of people loaded with the above style tips. Then, how you will be big in the gang? Collect the difference by accessorizing with bowties, quirksome neck ties, geeky bags and colorful belts.

For More 

Along with the above tips looking over your hair style (Side swept hair for the intense nerd look) and make-up (mostly minimal) can complete your love for getting ready in the nerd style.




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