Fashion tips to learn from Shruthi Hassan in Srimanthudu 

Appeared mostly in the ethnic wear that are tailored with a tag of chic, Shruthi Hassan has simply explained the theory of fashion in the recent sensational hit Srimanthudu. From kurtis to tops to sarees, she has made a buzz with her ensembles that are laced with a notch of style that is simple to adopt.

Here are some fashion tips to install into our wardrobe

Into the colorful mode

When it’s about fashion, the role of colors is pivotal. Selection of fresh and trending colors are what made the actress look more gorgeous and bright in the screen. To her fair skin tone, vivid colors like peach, green, yellow and white summed up elegance and charm.

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Mix in right proportion

Besides choosing colors and fabrics that are ruling the fashion, a perfect blend is imperative – sum up of bright color with a contrast one gives the result of perfect combination. Mix and match like Shruthi to whet the beauty.


A perfect choice

Give all those credits to the fashion line ‘Haute Curry’ by Shoppers Stop if really you’re head over heels for the attire she donned, to which she is also working as a brand ambassador.



End with a touch of style

Accessorize yourself with a plethora of bangles,  unique range of earrings and also with sling bags to get the traces of her fine look. Also braid your hair to some enticing styles to invoke fashionista in you.


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