Tee Time – What’s Your Way Of Wearing A Tee

Tees are one of the most convenient form of style that don’t let you move out of the comfort ring while keep you stand in the boundary of fashion without flinch. No matter how long your tees have been hanging in the closet, take them out and add a spark by following below simple tricks.

1. Leave it casual
No rehearsals required to repeat this casual way of wearing a tee as we are growing watching it since childhood. It hooks to the point of most minimal while carrying centripetal force ON from all the ways.


2. Tuck it in

The chic driving look is all yours if you tuck a tee into your pants. Don’t want to miss the same excitement with shorts and skirts? Then you really don’t need to! Tuck the tee even in shorts/ skirt and turn feisty by accessorizing yourself with a simple slim belt and shoes. Done with tucking? You got those looks to kill.

Inline image 1

3. Fortify it with a blazer

Blazers are successful all the way in the fashion streets. Any top wear that seems simple can be given a notch with distinct varieties of blazers available in the market. On the same way, a plain tee can make a lot of buzz if a blazer can co-ordinate with it. To your wish, choose blazer of type boyfriend, belted, cropped, classic or fitted to evoke the best out of a tee.


4. Drape some color

Center your sense of style if you have a scarf in your closet by wrapping it around your neck. It is simple and finishes your boring tee with an extra sprinkle of uniqueness.

Inline image 2

5. Lock it in a jumpsuit

If you could have ever locked your tee in a jumpsuit, then it’s the moment to bring it on. Team the tee with a jumpsuit and awake up your elegance side of a kid.

Inline image 3

6. Roll up your sleeves

Roll up sleeves and jiggle your arms in style. It is a fashion making people stand out from the rest and works perfect on oversized tees.

Inline image 4

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