Bollywood Celebs In Black

While considering colors that will never fade from the fashion track, black take the top position tight. It is a reigning color of past, present and forthcoming days. Despite many of us try to refrain from adding another to the existing row of black ensembles, most often we end up carrying bags weighing down with black color dresses. May be it’s a mean of style for some but a lovely addiction for many and we can also find celebs adhering to into the web of same hue.

Embarking to the top position of Bollywood with her long legs and stunning looks, Katrina Kaif was all seen impeccable in a black dress most recently during a promotion of her soon-to-hit theatres film “Phantom”. Paired up with a DvF belt and strappy pumps, she wore Balmain Paris dress which was totally black and amazing on her.


Pushing the youngsters aside, the eternal beauty Kajol has made a look with the black that not only revived her beauty but kept people in the fire of jealous. In a latest photoshoot for Elle India, the diva is in Issa London gown with a giant metallic belt, Jimmy Choo Shoes and a line necklace.


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