Get The Bright Look, Get Neon

Not a big deal how large the crowd you are in, if you’re a neon patron you would never need to answer all the questions of darkness that camouflaged you in it as the power of neon is so strong that can make anyone brighten up with its enthralling power pack of glow.

        unnamed         unnamed (1)

No matter how you would tie your Neon fashion from hair to shoe lace, it is a true friend in pushing you to stand at the front of the fashion parade. Don’t believe! Here’s a fashion statement that make you believe how powerful the Neon fashion is. A girl in casual attire can look simple but flaunting her mode of chic could be a challenge, to the look add a neon handbag, done with the magic! Compare both the looks and stay jaw dropped for the change brought by a single neon piece.

                                                              unnamed (2)

Not just for handbag you can pour all the credits, also save them for vibrant neon shirts, trousers, shoes, heels, necklaces, hair bands, bangles, belts and what not, pull the style even for your nails and mobile cases too.

unnamed (3)  unnamed (4)

                                      unnamed (5)

Designers who took the control of these electrifying hues are presenting them in all the possible ways starting from ethnic to western wear and when it’s about bringing up the buzz celebs are taking a potential role.

         unnamed (6)           unnamed (7)

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